17 Signs Your Dog Doesn’t Love You As Much As You Think

17 Signs Your Dog Doesn’t Love You As Much As You Think

What a magical thing it is to have a dog you love! You can give him a big ol’ hug and play catch together and frolic in the fields and…wait…he’s grumbling whenever you hug him? And not returning the ball? And he seems to be pooping strategically so that you step in it wherever you frolic? Egads! Is your dog… not that into you? Here’s 17 signs that there might be trouble in paw-radise:

1. If they introduce themselves like this…


2. If you try to serenade them and they give their feedback:

3. If you wanna have a nice day outside together and they react like this…

4. If this is their “Welcome Home!” face:


5. If you make them their favorite cake and they answer with…

6. If you lean in romantically and…

Source: 4GIFs
7. Or your deep, meaningful eye contact is answered with:

8. If you hug them and you get this face.

Source: USA Today
9. If you go for a kiss and they react like this…


10. Or like this…


11. Or like this.

Source: Animals Being Jerks
12. Ok, one more.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 6.31.23 PM

13. If you get this for petting them.


14. Netflix and no chill.

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15. I mean…


16. It really doesn’t get much clearer than this, pal.

17. And honestly, sometimes the hate is so strong, even a child can see it.


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