Vintage Photos of Dogs Are Hilariously Delightful

Vintage Photos of Dogs Are Hilariously Delightful

My grand-dog used to say to me, “I remember when a dog treat only cost a nickel and Bark Gable was on the silver screen at the movies.  Those were the days.”  Every now and then it is pertinent for us to stop and take a look back through history, honoring our Forepawters.

Thanks to an amazing collaboration by the folks at the Huffington Post, below are 20 vintage photos of dogs living it up in the days of yonder. (Prepare yourself for an overload of some of the greatest pun work you’ve ever seen. You thought you’d seen the best of it, oh no, sir.)

1.  Another shocking twist this week on ‘Game of Bones!’

dog 2

2. “Working for a biscuit company certainly has its perks!”

Dog 16

3. This magical romance brought to you by an ancient version of BarkBuddy!

It's A Dog's Life

4. Ladies and Gents, the fearless and unstoppable Al “Cabone.”

dog 7

5. “Now let me play you one of my favorites, Fred Astaire’s “Puttin’ on the Treats.”

Dog 10

6. Straight out of a scene from “The Great Gats-pee.”

Taking The Wheel

7. “I’m not overly photogenic, so please capture my good side.”

dog 1

8. President William Bow-wow-ward Taft posing for his presidential portrait.

dog 4

9. “I’m ready for the casting call for the next ‘Newsies’ film!”

Dog 14

10. This pup appears to be a mix between Samuel L. Jackson and Theodore Roosevelt.

German Army Dog

11. “Alright cat, hop in my jalopy and I’ll take you to the paw-ty.”

Dog And Cat Car

12. “Don’t say anything about my hat, ok?”

Guard Dog

13. These photos are almost too much to handle…seriously.

Dog 17

14. “Ah yes, I remember that car.  It would go over 5 MILES PER HOUR and only break down twice per drive.  Those were the days.”

Dog 19

15. “Don’t worry, I don’t smoke.  This is just a bacon cigarette.”

Pete The Dog

16. “I will now play Mozart’s Symphony No. 8 in Pee Major.”

Dog 18

17.  The always sleek and stylish Paw-drey Hepburn.

Bohemian Boxer

18. “We will race Mr. Jenkins and his cat, and we shall defeat them!”

Dog 20

19. “Can I take your bags to your hotel room?  I accept tips and treats…preferably treats.”

dog 5

20. “It’s always nice to grab a pint after a long day at the paw-fice.”

Hat tip to the Huffington Post.