10 Reasons You Should Only Watch Scary Movies With Your Dog

10 Reasons You Should Only Watch Scary Movies With Your Dog

Everything is set! The moon is high, the night is dark, and the Netflix is primed. It’s scary-flippin-movie time!

Whether it’s randy vampires, possessed pre-pubescents, or an evil cookie, YOU are in the mood to be spooked and the best pawtner in crime is, of course, your pooch.

Here are 10 reasons why the only pawdience worthy of such a mutt-umentous, fur-ightening occasion is your dog:

1. As long as the movie isn’t about a haunted vacuum cleaner, plastic bag, or skateboard — chances are your pup is going to be pretty unimpressed by whatever’s going on on screen.

2. When you scream, “Don’t go in there!” to the screen, your dog will be like, “I’m nowhere near the paws off drawer, Ma, chillax.”

3. Thankfully, your pup will break the tension by breaking wind.

4. When the inevitable ‘jump scare’ happens…. and you inevitably knock over the bowl of popcorn… your pooch will hit the Jackpop (popcorn jackpot)!

5.When you scream, your dog will drown it out with a howl. That way the neighbors won’t call the police thinking you’re being attacked. (True story.)


6. Those of us with guard dogs can rest easy that no intruder — be it ghoul, slasher, or deadly fog — can hurt us, thanks to the trusty pup by our side!

7. Those of us with with lap dogs can… well, at least remind ourselves that all dogs have that instinct, right? Maybe something will kick in, in the event of a Leprechaun attack? ..Maybe?

8. Your dog will not care that you have to keep pausing the movie in order to check the shower, closet, front door, attic, basement, tool shed, backseat of your car, and under your bed every five minutes.

9. You won’t have to go to the bathroom alone (as if dog owners ever go to the bathroom alone).

10. And of course, you have the ultimate, be-all-end-all, cuddle buddy to snuggle with and protect you for the rest of the night!

The one movie you might not want to watch with your dog?…

D’aaaaw, who am I kidding! I root for the dog no matter what!

Go on with yo’ bad self, Cujo!

Featured image via Michael Foox