What Happens When A Man and A Dog Trade Places?

What Happens When A Man and A Dog Trade Places?

For too long, humans have only experienced a dog’s life from the outside looking in.  For us to truly understand our canine companions, we must delve deeper.  We must…switch places.

What follows is a look into a dog’s life.  A dog’s soul.  I give you, Griff ‘n’ Zeke: Trading Places. (Note: Find out why Zeke is a fake dog in an earlier article)


Griff is in the shelter.  He is scared, but Zeke can tell this is a special human.


“Scared and confused, Griff peed a little.”


After Zeke decides to adopt Griff, it’s time for the dreaded vet checkup…


“Woman…what you doing to me? Back on up now…”



“Whatever you are doing, just please, please don’t take my balls.”


To help curb the population, Griff had to be neutered.  He now gracefully wears the cone of shame.


“It’s so hard, to say goodbye, to yesterday.”


Next, Griff gets weighed.  He is displeased with the results and blames it on bacon.  Mmmm…bacon.


“Whoa, whoa, whoa! That scale must be broken.”


Zeke reassures Griff, just a little bit longer in the waiting room, then we can go home.


“I miss my nuts.”


Before leaving the vet, Griff gets a treat and learns a new trick!  Good boy!


“I don’t know what to do – what do I do – can I go, can I go, can I go?”


Now that the vet visit is over, Zeke takes off the cone and let’s Griff enjoy his first car ride!


“I don’t know why, but this is the greatest thing ever!!!”


Zeke has a surprise for Griff at the tennis courts…tennis balls!


“This totally makes up for chopping my balls off! Well, almost. Ok, not really, but it’s still awesome!”


Griff loves tennis balls.  They are now his favorite toy, and he can’t get enough.


“I am so content right now. This is the best.”



“Straight chilling…word.”


Zeke turns his back for a moment and Griff darts off to heroically save the day from the menacing mailman!


“I will now sing the song of my people! Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you!”


After the exciting day of tennis balls and mailmen, Zeke takes Griff to his forever home.  Griff immediately finds something he wants…Zeke’s shoes.


“Oh man, these are awesome! I just want to shred them up! My owner will be so proud.”


It doesn’t take long for Zeke to find out.  Griff is ashamed, and uses his sad human face.


“I chewed up your shoe because I love you.”


Zeke decides this is the perfect opportunity to make a splash on his Facebook and Instagram pages and posts a human shaming photo of Griff.


“I don’t know what I did wrong, but I’m really sorry. But can I keep the shoe?”


Zeke makes Griff put the cone of shame back on.  It’s for his own good.


“I hate the cone, but I’m sure my owner has had his balls chopped off too, so that’s reassuring.”


Later, Zeke introduces Griff to the vacuum cleaner…or as Griff calls it, the sucking devil.


“Keep that demon machine away from me! Oh no, time to sing the song of my people again! Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye, never gonna tell a lie and hurt you!”


Zeke settles down to work on his presentation that’s due tomorrow.  Griff has other ideas…

Griff Zeke computer

“Slowly. Slowly. Owner doesn’t notice. I’m sneaky…sneaky. Now, just let me lie right on top of this thing aaaaand…perfect.”


At the end of the day, as a sign of solidarity, Zeke puts the cone of shame on as well.  Griff and Zeke are now inseparable best buds.


“We are best friends! But seriously, when do I get my balls back?”


Photos by Valerie Betterton Photography.

Special thanks to Carter County Animal Hospital, Heather Carroll, and Cade M. Wilson, D.V.M.