The Reason Your Dog Might Actually Have An Opinion On The Presidential Election

The Reason Your Dog Might Actually Have An Opinion On The Presidential Election

Peanut Butter or Bacon? Treats or Chews? Squeaky or Rubber? These are just a few of the hard-hitting questions these presidential hopefuls will be faced with as the election grows closer. We’ve done some sniffing ourselves to gather up the need to know facts about these two chewable, blonde, pant suit wearing pawliticians.

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First up… Hillary Kitten! She is the most popular demo-catic candidate amongst the pups. Dogs all across the country are begging for the chance to chew through her tough exterior (Blackberry included) to see exactly what she’s made of.

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Her immovable blonde locks and bendy neck are just another reason why she’s the purrrfect candidate for your pup. Hillary Kitten is an advocate for free treats, filled water bowls on every street corner, and promises to raise the dog ban on beaches. “The dogs of this country should be allowed to freely poop on any land inhabited by the human race!”

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Up next we have… The Dognald! The Dognald is best known amongst the tail-waggers for his mean mugging eyes, platinum blonde eyebrows, and deceivingly wispy flowing locks.

Dogs everywhere are eager to tear the red tie off of his plush neck. His squeaker sounds like a fart and his suit looks like a million bucks. The Dognald promises to ban all types of kitty cats once and fur all.

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Sniff on over to BarkShop, so you’re pup can chew on them all the way to the White House!

*Chances are your dog will tear this to shreds way before the first State of the Union.