13 Ridiculous Excuses Dogs Have Used To Ditch A Workout

13 Ridiculous Excuses Dogs Have Used To Ditch A Workout

Spring has finally arrived!!!

Pros: You can finally go to the park again without feeling like you are walking through an arctic tundra.


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Cons: You have one less excuse NOT to work out.

We all use them, from the “I already showered today, so I don’t want to shower again” to the “I just had lunch, so I should probably wait until I’m done digesting” a.k.a. never. Who says our dogs don’t feel the same way too?

Here are 13 of the lamest excuses dogs have ever used to avoid working out.

13. “Oh no, how did this happen? Guess the walk will have to wait…”  


12. “Everybody knows that you should never go on a walk with wet fur. Hypothermia… hello?”  


11. “Sorry, dear. I’m kind of in the middle of a photoshoot right now.” #FirstWorldProblems

10. “But I’m on a winning streak! Read em’ and weep.” 

9. “She’s busy working my problem cuticles. We’ll work our glutes later.” 


8. “Can’t. Babysitting.” 


7. “Just one more Game Of Thrones episode and then we can go, I swear!”


6. “I’m waiting for this to turn into a magic carpet.” #ItCouldHappen

5. “You know I’d love to, but I just had a big meal and you know how gassy I get…”

4. “What if we just stay in Shavasana?” #OverIt

3. “I will NOT go out in public looking like this.”

2. “Really swamped with work, but you go ahead.”

1. “I was actually just heading out. Maybe next time?” 

All said and done, at the end of the day your pooch will always be by your side (albeit begrudgingly) and indulge you with a walk.  You’re welcome, hooman.


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