16 Ways to Prepare for a Puppy Adoption

16 Ways to Prepare for a Puppy Adoption

The event of the summer will be here tomorrow! Are you ready for PupUp? Whether you are window shopping or planning to adopt a puppy, here are some things you should think about putting on your doggie to-do list:


16. Make a fancy dog bed

15. Read lots of books

14. Stock up on food

13. Discuss dog names and pick out a tag

12. Attempt to puppy-proof your home so this doesn’t occur:

11. Discuss sleeping arrangements. Will the puppy be allowed to sleep in your bed?

10. Purchase a new camera to document your pup’s awesome life

9. Equip your house with lots of toys

8. Pick out your adoption announcement

7. Set up your dog’s social media accounts

6. Load up on poop bags

5. If you have ’em, talk to your kids (or your other pets) about their responsibilities

4.  Pick out the perfect collar or harness

3. Get a good night’s sleep (might be the last for awhile)

2. Sign up for BarkBox and BarkCare! (Ask our vets all of those new puppy questions!)

1. Now, pick out your puppy! See you tomorrow!