10 Cozy Ways To Make Your House A Home For Your Pup

10 Cozy Ways To Make Your House A Home For Your Pup

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So you finally found your dream home, but a few of the features are a little less than dog-friendly. Still, there’s no reason why you can’t have it all. 😉 Nooks and corners can easily be pup-ified to create snuggle-caves that any human would be envious of. Here are a few simple ways to transform your new house into a cozy home for your pup.

1. Transform An Empty Closet Or Pantry Into The Perfect Puppy Cubby

Using a closet or a pantry is a great way to store your dog’s things and give them a little space of their own. You can keep the doors open during the day while your pup is inside, and close the doors when they’re out chasing squirrels.

NAR 10

2. Install A Window Seat To Create A Dog Divan

Window seats are a great way for your dog to check in on the action outside without ever leaving the house. Thicker window sills like the one below are the perfect size for any pup or human to sit on.

lua nook

While looking for a new home, a Realtor® can help you keep an eye out for similar features. If you don’t end up finding a wide enough space in your dream home, there are plenty of ways to make your own.

new walter

3. Keep Things Bright

If your home doesn’t allow for a window seat don’t fret. Nothing says “snuggle here” quite like a fluffy bed in a sunny spot.

new sun bed

4. Allow Them To Have A Dog’s Eye View

Treva Horwitz is a homeowner from Austin, Texas, who has an amazing pup-ified home. Her front doors are frosted for privacy but the bottom panel was left clear so her Chihuahua pups would be able to see outside. A Realtor® is your best bet for finding similar spaces that can be dog-ified for your pup.

austin 3

5. Take Advantage Of Nooks & Corners

Soft layers and cozy nooks are the prefect recipe for some Instagram-worthy cuddles. Keep an eye out for corners (like the one below) to make the most out of similar spots in your home.

benji bed

6. Make The Most Of Outdoor Space

If you have extra property space installing a fence or creating a dog run is a great way for your dog to get some fresh air and exercise.

austin 2

7. Create A Cozy Kitchen Oasis

Working a crate into your kitchen is a discreet way to store it and utilize space. The best part is you won’t have to worry about bumping into your dog as you bake and they won’t feel like they’re missing out on any of the fun.

new kitchen

8. Create A Dog Corner

Designating an area of your home for your dog gives them a place they know is theirs, and can help you establish a routine. Treva Horwitz whose dog-ified home was featured in The Wall Street Journal, created this space for her two Chihuahua pups complete with Chihuahua height windows, a cozy place to sit, and food bowls for each pup.

austin 1

9. Pup-ify Your Mudroom

Your mudroom is the perfect place to store all things dog. Homeowners Julie and Mario Greco took the idea one step further by installing a custom-built wash station in their Chicago home that we’re seriously envious of. It makes sense considering how hard it would be for them to squeeze their Bernese Mountain Dog (and five other dogs) into the tub.

shower updated

10. Utilize Wall Space

There is so much you can do with a large wall space. At Bark&Co., we ended up transforming one of our own into carpeted cubbies for our pups and their humans to hang out in.

new Wall Cubbie

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Featured image via Brittany Worgan