10 Things Only Morning People Pup Parents Understand

10 Things Only Morning People Pup Parents Understand

Some are born morning people, some become morning people, and some get a dog and have the morning thrust upon them. Here are ten reasons to be grateful next time your pup has to pee really early.

1. The world is your dog park in the morning!

While everybody else is hitting their snooze button, you’re hitting the empty streets.

2. And all the real parks become “off-leash” parks.

Let me let you in on a little secret… no one cares about dogs being on leashes that early in the morning. Leash laws aren’t really enforced between 4:30am and 6:30am. It’s like that movie The Purge except adorable.

3. There are so many uncharted pee spots.

The world is your toilet, young grasshopper.

4. The lighting is great.

Bring up that Instagram game.

5. You see things better in the morning.

I mean more than just the lighting. The world moves at a slower pace in the morning which allows you ample time to actually look around and discover new things.

6. People are actually more pleasant.

The world feels smaller in the early hours, so people actually smile and make eye contact with you. It’s delightful!

7. Free Stuff.

Seriously! Cafes will sometimes give away stale goodies from the day before – especially when there’s a cute pup. I’m telling you, morning people are friendly.

8.The city has yet to be tainted by the horde of commuters’ stressful stench and cranky attitude.

The hustle has yet to be bustled and it’s lovely.

9. Your mind is more clear in the early morning.

It’s a whole different way to be with your thoughts, since there’s nothing to distract you.

10. Anything feels pawsible!

The early morning sort of feels like stolen time reserved just for you. And with whole day ahead of you, your pup by your side, and the world at your paws, everything feels a little more hopeful.


Featured image via @dog_training_with_julia