12 Of The Best Toys And Treats From The Twelve Days Of Dogsmas

We just wrapped up the best twelve days of the year, the 12 Days Of Dogsmas that is!

But that doesn’t mean you won’t have a chance to take advantage of all the savings 12 Days Of Dogsmas had to offer! That’s right, it’s officially Day 13 of 12 Days Of Dogsmas and we’re offering 20% off all BarkShop products for today and today only (12/13/16)!!!!!

Here are twelve of the top products we featured during the 12 Days Of Dogsmas!

1. Andi’s Famous Dumplings

Super squishable, super adorable. From our Foodie Collection!


2. Chilly’s Paw Warmers

This pair of mittens is a tough dog toy to lose, thanks to the rope tying them together! From our Outdoorsy Collection!


3. Bacon Brew Biscuits

When the clock strikes Beer o’clock, open up a bag of these biscuits and share a brew with with your favorite drinking buddy: your dog! From our Party Animal Collection!


4. Paws to Enjoy Life Treats Tin

All of that celebrating will work up an appetite, so your dog will dig the Treat-filled Tin stuffed with dehydrated lamb liver! From our Fashionista Collection!


5. Yappy Meal Bundle

Chicken tenders, waffle fries, and a soda can toy: we’re serving up an extra helping of nostalgia with this bundle. From our Munchie Collection!


6. Pimm’s Pencil + Bully Stick Bundle

You can twist to unlock and separate the eraser, allowing you to stuff the pencil with a steer stick! From our Nerdy Collection!


7. Taxi Toy

Pups love this plush NYC taxi just as much as you hate the real thing! From our Jet Setter Collection!


8. Benebone Bundle

Which Benebone to choose? Skip the tough decision, and try all three chews! From our Gnawty Collection!


9. Diamond Plate Ball

Covered with a durable diamond-plate pattern for a good grip, it’s a non-toxic toy your pooch will love chasing. From our Super Chewer Collection!


10. Striped Dog Teepee

Pitch this striped dog tent, and make your pup feel at home on the range. Sewn from heavy black & white striped canvas by the folks at Pipolli, setup is a cinch. From our Snuggler Collection!


11. Bulb Treat Dispenser

Don’t be fooled by their ‘vintage lights’ look; these babies are alllll chew toy. And they house hidden Treat Spots where you can stick biscuits or morsels of leftovers. From our Festive Collection!


12. Destroyer’s Club Holiday Feast Bundle

When your dog’s hunger for trouble reaches Level Five (the highest level!), the Destroyer’s Club Holiday Feast Bundle rises to the test. From our Destroyer’s Collection!