12 MORE Celebrity Crazy Dog Ladies to Follow on Instagram

12 MORE Celebrity Crazy Dog Ladies to Follow on Instagram

Can’t get enough of these Celebrity Crazy Dog Ladies to Follow on Instagram? Need even more to get your fix? Add these 12 pooch-lovin’ photo-sharin’ crazies to your feed to up your pup intake.

12) Jessica Seinfeld

Mrs. Jerry Seinfeld can hold her own in the funny department. Check out her Instagram account for a view into the hijinks of her two dachshunds, Jose Andreas Seinfeld and Foxy Rose Brown Seinfeld. Can’t get enough of these two hotdogs? They even have their own Instagram account aptly titled @therealweenis.
11) Olivia Wilde

New baby, new shmaby. The real star of Olivia’s Instagram account is her dog Paco.
10) Miranda Kerr

Sure, you’ll see plenty of glamor shots and healthy eats on Miranda Kerr’s Instagram account. But we go straight for the shots of Frankie, her fluff ball Yorkie, who always looks camera-ready.
9) Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s life and travels are next level, and her Frenchie pup, Asia, is along for the ride! Watch this little monster play dress-up, fly first class, and hang back stage all over the Gaga-gram.
8) Olivia Palermo

Sure, the focus of this recent-bride’s Instagram account is fashion, but every now and then we get a sneak peek of Olivia’s white Maltese Terrior, Mr. Butler, who is always a pawfect gentleman.
7) Gisele

If you like yoga, travel, and bilingual captions, look no further. Gisele’s Instagram account features all this plus animal-friendly posts, including a loving homage to her dearly departed companion Yorkie, Vida (RIP).
6) Michelle Obama

The First Lady’s Instagram account is of course filled with heart-warming snaps of her incredible work with America’s families. But we also follow FLOTUS for sneak peeks of Sunny and Bo, the first dogs, often seen roaming the manicured White House grounds.
5) Martha Stewart

Step into the perfectly curated Instagram of the lifestyle Queen. We suggest skipping over the baked-goods and floral arrangements and going straight for the many four-legged friends adorably featured all over this highly styled account.
4) Chrissy Teigen

If you’re not yet in love with Chrissy Teigen, we don’t know what to tell you. This superhuman is obsessed with her dogs, and we’re thrilled to be along for the ride via her Instagram account – filled with portraits of Bulldog Puddy, French Bulldog Pippa, and three-legged French Bulldog Penny.
3) Jenna Dewan-Tatum

Magic Mike isn’t the only star in this household. Jenna’s Instagram account features plenty of car rides, kisses, and beach romps with her happy pups – Meeka and Lulu.
2) Lena Dunham

This funny lady showcases rescue dog Lamby all over her Instagram account. And much like his down-to-earth mom, nothing is off limits for the immodest pup. Expect to hear Lamby’s inner most thoughts, see him in the morning make-up free, and even spy him in the shower!
1) Jenny Slate

The best for last. This uber-talent is the proud mom of two personality-filled pups. Follow Jenny’s hilarious Instagram account to keep up with the adventures of Reggie and rescue Arthur as they lounge, snuggle, and pose their way straight into your hearts.