12 Things Donald Trump Could Learn From Man’s Best Friend

12 Things Donald Trump Could Learn From Man’s Best Friend

Donald Trump is top dog right now, but being the leader of the pack isn’t a guaranteed presidency. Famously rude, arrogant, and abrasive, Donald Trump has a lot to learn before he can rest comfortably on his haunches. As his bizarre, brazen campaign for President continues, Donald Trump should bend his ear to the advice of these dogs. Here are 12 things Man’s Best Friend can teach Man’s Weirdest Hair.

1. Bald is beautiful. Own it, Donald.


2. When Neil Young doesn’t like what you are doing, you should probably stop doing it.

neil young

3. It’s not nice to make fun of someone stuck in a cage.

crate dog

4. Vaccines are awesome (even though they hurt).

dog vet

5. You can like Aspartame at every size.

diet coke

6. More Money ≠ Better Than


7. The House always wins, unless the House is a Trump Casino.

dog card

8. You’re not in the doghouse because you’re successful; you’re there because you made a mess.

trash party

9. Just because a person is nice to dogs, doesn’t mean they’re a nice person. Dogs can overlook flaws that you shouldn’t.

sheriff joe

10. Just because you have a fragrance, it doesn’t mean that others want to smell it.

dog smell

11. You don’t always deserve a treat.

treats 2

12. Bette Midler is FABULOUS.


Featured image via The Awesome Daily