Photogenic Mutt Models 12 Unique Ways To Tie A Scarf

Photogenic Mutt Models 12 Unique Ways To Tie A Scarf

Here in the Bark&Co. office, we spend all of our time thinking about dogs. (Disclaimer: Around 12pm, we do pause to think about lunch.) With BarkBox, we’re trying to find the coolest dog toys and treats in the land. With BarkCare, we’re thinking up new ways to make it easy to keep our pups healthy. With The BarkPost… Well, we’re really just celebrating all of the things our pups do! Lovin’, humpin’, fartin’… the works!

In short, we are some of the craziest dog folks around. SO crazy that we decided there needs to be a shop dedicated to all of the crazy, dog-ruvin’ peeps like us. And that’s how The BarkShop Must Ruv Dogs collection was born!

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 12.30.51 PM

We’ll continue to add the coolest gifts and gadgets that we can find to The BarkShop. First up, Dalmatian scarves!


These Pongo-and-Perdy-covered scarves are of the soft, billowy variety that blow in the wind when a nice fall gust of comes behind yeh. They come in four different colors:

Merlot Red…


…Navy Blue…


…London Grey…


… and Dalmatian-Spot Black.


As a special bonus, we hired the smiliest pup we know, Finn, to model the Dalmatian scarves so we can demonstrate how to tie them.


To learn to tie these cool knots, check out the master list from Scarves Dot Net!


Edit: The turquoise-y scarf is not available at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience!

If you want to buy a Dalmatian scarf (or two!) of your own or as an awesome gift for a dog ruver in your life, act fast! We have a VERY limited supply of the scarves and last time we had a sale of the BarkClips we made, we sold out! ♥