The 15 Best Apps for Dog Lovers and Pup Parents

The 15 Best Apps for Dog Lovers and Pup Parents

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Have you ever wanted to know if it’s okay that your dog just ate the guacamole off the counter? Or maybe it’s 4am and your dog is throwing up — was it the guacomole?! — and you wish you could speak to a vet ASAP. Like everything else these days, there’s an app for that – and all sorts of useful pup-related things. These are 15 you need on your phone right now!

 1. Because you need to train your puppy (or your adult dog gets a little rusty) there’s…

iClickeriClicker- Free Dog Training Clicker

Price: Free

Why You Need It: Clicker training! It’s a thing! Yes, you can buy real clickers, but this is FREE and most importantly, unlike real clickers, this one is impossible to lose. (Unless you, like me, can’t seem to remember where you left your pho–oh my god it’s in my hand, then you need a different app entirely.)

Android user? Here’s a similar app here

2. Because your pup and the neighborhood raccoon got in a tussle there’s…

Pet Red CrossPet First Aid by American Red Cross

Price: $0.99

Why You Need It: At $0.99, it’s cheaper than a lot of the other pet first aid apps but still manages to have all the tools you might need in case an emergency strikes. You can locate the nearest vet hospital, learn to treat everything from allergic reactions to bleeding, and find out what’s just normal, crazy, puppy behavior.

Link for Android users

3. Because you need to talk to a trainer about how to use that iClicker there’s…

petcoachPet Coach

Price: Free

Why You Need It: This app lets you talk to a vet, pet trainer, or whatever other pet professional you might need to talk to, anywhere, anytime. Is your pup looking chubby? Send a pet nutritionist a photo to find out if you need to get him onto a diet pronto. Also did I mention this app is free? It’s free.

Link for Android users


4. Because you need to map your dog walk there’s…

Map My Dog WalkMapMyDogWalk

Price: Free

Why You Need It: I remember using the MapMyRun app while walking my dog and joking that they should make a MapMyDogWalk app (Don’t worry. My dog didn’t think it was funny either), and turns out it’s a real thing! It’s a great way to keep track of how much exercise your dog is really getting, although don’t be as bummed as I was when your “long walk” turns out to only be a mile and a half.

 Link for Android users

5. Because you want to find someone else to walk your dog for you there’s…


Price: Free

Why You Need It: This app lets you find a certified and trained dog walker in your area, schedule those dog walks, and pay through the app. You can even watch the route the dog walker takes your pup on! Accountability, and a way to ensure the dog gets walked? Sounds pretty good. You can also select dog walkers based entirely off their photo, which is probably exactly what I would do.


6. Because your photo feed contains mostly pictures of your dog there’s…


Price: Free

Why You Need It: If you’re like me and you can’t show anyone your photo feed because it contains pictures of your dog, selfies with your dog, and then more photos of your dog, you need this right now. This app has a function that gets your lovely pup all perked up and actually looking at the camera! If that’s not earth shattering enough, you can also add fun stickers to your photo, add doggone adorable filters with names like “vintage pup”, and more cool things!


7. Because your dog got sick of all those selfies and ran away there’s…


Price: Free for the app, tracker and monthly subscription is extra

Why You Need It: In order for this app to be of any use you have to buy the tracker ($99.95) annnnd pay a monthly subscription fee. However, if your canine is a runner this seems incredibly worthwhile. You  get an alert when your dog leaves the house and can track your dog in real time as they cavort around the neighborhood.

Link for Android users

8. Because your dog likes to eat things that may or may not be edible

iKibble FreeiKibble Free

Price: Free

Why You Need It: Questioning the edibility of whatever your dog just ate off the floor? Just whip out the iKibble, look up what she ate, and find out just how healthy it really is for her.


9. Because you’ve always thought Tinder would be better if there were actual, adoptable, dogs involved instead of dateable hoomans there’s…


Price: Free

Why You Need It: He’s smiley, a bit hairy, and really can’t wait to go home with you, and no it’s not that weird guy who just asked you if it hurt when you fell from heaven… it’s a fluffy puppy! BarkBuddy lets you find single puppies near you who need a good home. Browse through thousands of pup profiles and find your pawfect match. And it’s ridiculously, adorably, addicting!


10. Because you’re a concerned pet parent…


Price: Free

Why You Need It: This app makes it a breeze to communicate with your dog walker or pet sitter. Manage your schedule, get notified when your walker or sitter arrives and leaves, view photos from their visit, see where your pet walked and much more. It’s great for you and even better for your sitter!


11. Because you CAN take your pup on vacation there’s…


Price: Free

Why You Need It: BringFido allows you to find pet friendly hotels, restaurants, parks, beaches, and tons more. You can also book your hotel, look up their pet policy, and use filters to find the hotels that would best fit your dog. Super useful if you have a large dog, or are in a new town and want to grab dinner with your best furry friend.


12. Because you’re bringing your dog on that vacation, and they need to work off some extra energy stat there’s…

dogparkfinderDog Park Finder Plus

Price: $1.99

Why You Need It: Find a dog park at anytime! From anywhere! Choose from over 6,600 dog parks, read reviews, get directions, and most importantly find out if that dog park has hooman bathrooms as well.


13. Because you’ve been worried your dog might be lonely there’s…


Price: Free

Why You’ll Need It: DoggyDatez helps you find furends to have playdates with near you. There’s also a foursquare-like function that allows you to “mark your territory” so other dogs and their owners know who’s the boss in your area.

Link for Android users 

14. Because you want an easy way to keep track of your dog’s medications, and other day-to- day activities there’s…


Price: Free

Why You Need It: PetDiary is an easy, visual, way to monitor your dogs weight, medications, and whatever else comes to mind. You can also use it to jot down when your dog does something so adorable, you just want to remember it forever! Or at least until you get a new phone.

Similar Android app here 

15. Because you need a way to keep your favorite doggy newsource with you wherever you may roam there’s…


Price: Free

Why You Need It: Get a virtual lick in the face every morning through the BarkPost pup alarm clock, as well as read and share the best dog content on the web!

Featured Image via Attack of The Cute

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