15 Quirky Gifts For The Artsy Dog Lover In Your Life

15 Quirky Gifts For The Artsy Dog Lover In Your Life

Are you doing some last minute holiday shopping? Do you know someone who’s OK Cupid profile legitimately says “must love dogs?” Is this same person a Picasso or Renoir enthusiast? Well, have we got the gift guide for YOU! Your strange and wonderful friend is deserving of all of these amazing gifts, and anyone who says “it’s the thought that counts” has never heard the phrase “it’s what you bought that counts”.

1. This unbelievably cute French Bulldog tote bag makes for the cutest (and most practical) holiday gift!

2. Don’t pass up on this pugtastic double exposure pug flower tapestry. Honestly – who doesn’t need this?

3. A glorious Labrador family water color mini print will make your dartsy (dog + artsy) friend howl with joy.

4. Treat a special someone to this amazingly colorful canvas print this holiday season!

5. Know someone with a love of stationary with cute dogs printed on it? How perfect would this gift be?!

6. It’s a clock with a pug on it that says “Whatever. Feed me.” Honestly you should have purchased this months ago.

7. Anyone who says they don’t need this shower curtain is a liar and you should buy this for them to combat their lies.

8. Can you think of a better gift to give than this iPad mini winter-dog-wonderland protective case? No. You can’t.

9. This laptop decal is so stunning even a cat person would *love it!

*this cannot be proven. We all know how fickle cats can be.

10. These sassy stemless wine glasses will make make the dog lover in your life go head over heels for! And bottoms up for! Cheers to drinking!
wine glasses

11. This mean travel mug would look great under your tree! And by “mean mug” we mean it’s a beautiful mug. And a colorful mug. Very little about this mug is mean.

12. Have a quasi-cubist dog rug enthusiast in your life? Well, look no further than this quasi-cubist dog rug!

13. Know someone who doesn’t have a dog to snuggle with at night? This beautiful labrador-laden duvet cover makes for the perfect gift until this certain someone gets their life together and acquires a dog.

14. A scarf is a good gift idea. A featherweight wool scarf with various dog breeds printed on it is a great gift idea.
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 5.46.41 PM

15. Finally, this mug. Take a moment to look at this mug. You know it’s a great gift. You just know.

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