It's okay, your secrets are safe with us. Below are some of the things we dog-ruvin' folk do but don't tell anyone. No shame.
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1. Googled "cute dog names" and bounced name ideas for new puppies off your significant other as if you were naming your newborn baby.
2. Ripped up training treats into small pieces and passed them off as whole treats.
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3. Forgotten your table manners and "accidentally" dropped bits and pieces of food onto the ground that you conveniently "forgot" to pick up. 
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4. Spent more time reading reviews and ratings on different types and brands of dog food than you spend reading the nutrition facts on your own food. 
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5. Said "no thanks" to sharing a glass with a friend because of the germs, but let your dog lick you on the face every time you get home from work. 
6. Talked to your dog and responded back to yourself for them in your head... or out loud. 
7. The "no dogs allowed on the furniture" rule only sometimes applies.
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8. Asked your dog a series of random questions just to see them do the head tilt repeatedly. 
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9. Posted on behalf of your dog on one or more social media sites.
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10. Thought about putting tiny human clothes, shoes, or accessories on your dog.
11. Asked for a doggy bag at a restaurant... not so you could have a leftover lunch for tomorrow, but so your pooch can feast like a king tonight.
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12. Changed the time to meet with your friends because that's when you have to go let your dog out to potty.
13. Scrolled through your recent photos on your phone only to realize they are all photos of your dog.
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14. Spent more money on a bag of all-natural, organic, holistic dog treats for your pup than you did on your lunch.
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15. Acknowledge that bathroom time is no longer private time. 
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15 Things Dog Owners Secretly Do