15 Things Only Pup Parents Understand

15 Things Only Pup Parents Understand

1. We don’t need a reason to cover our desktops and cell phones with pictures of puppies (that aren’t our own).

2. We prefer our pup’s cuddles to any other cuddle…including our S.O.’s.

3. We shout, “Shaaaadoooowww!!!!” randomly in the street. And identify other doge peeps by those who respond appropriately (by weeping copious tears of bittersweet joy).

4. Dog parks are our happy place (this applies to us before we had pups of our own as well).

via reddit

via reddit

5. We can identify a random dog’s poop as our dog’s…or another’s.

6. We also regularly talk about our pup’s gastrointestinal process to perfect strangers like it’s normal, everyday small talk.

7. We hold lengthy conversations with our pups, and we know for a FACT they RESPOND.

8. We are convinced all cat-kind is colluding in a conspiracy to steal every single dog bed in the universe…Just. Because. They. Can.

9. We try our dog’s treats to make sure they’re good enough.

10. We play matchmaker with our dog to find their pawfect puppy playmate (and sometimes one for ourselves too while we’re at it…).

11. We’d much rather stay home with our pup than have to undergo any human social interaction.

12. We devote entire social media accounts to them–and follow them all.

13. We dress them better than we do ourselves.

14. We give them a bed in every room, but somehow they end up in the bed with us…and take up ALL the space.

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via imgur

15. We will pay for our dogs to have experiences we can’t afford for ourselves.

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