17 Adorably Derpressed Doges

17 Adorably Derpressed Doges

Note: No pups were harmed in the making of this list. They all live very pampered, lovely, Instafamous lives. Their parents just caught them in a spare moment of doggie angst. Beware: Extreme cuteness ahead.
17. “Just leave me arrone, ok? Can’t a pup watch Too Cute in peace?”

shitzhuSource: Shih Tzu Swag

2. “I know you said I could roll the window down, but I don’t know. So much ennui.”

car windowSource: Miss Gorda

3. “I know I can get them, it’s just…ruff’s the point?”

bulldogSource: Lorenzo American Bulldog

4. “I can’t sleep. It might be because there’s a monster under my bed.”

spanielsSource: Kingsley and Sailor

5. “Why am I constantly subjected to this treatment?”

string Source: Bella the Aussie

6. “Why don’t I ever get to go to the dog park when I want?”

sad eyesSourceL Riley 10812

7. “What do you mean, we have to leave? Work? You go to work, I’ll stay.”

bluestaffySource: Blue Staffy

8. “Maybe if I just get into the fetal position I’ll feel better…”

brandoSource: Brando the Iggy

9. “First you put me in that heinous bath, then you insist on taking pictures of me? Blasphemy, sir.”

jack chiSource: Simon the Jack-Chi

10. “I know I love to dig. But once it’s over, I just feel overcome with malaise, you know what I mean?”

dirtSource: Paws and Paint

11. “Even Breaking Bark doesn’t do it for me anymore…”

russellSource: Russell the Frenchie

12. “So we beat on, mutts against the current, barking back ceaselessly into the past. You know what I mean?”

roseSource: Two Pink Toes

13. Such melancholy. Very gloom.

oliverSource: Oliver the Shiba

14. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

bellieSource: Bellie Win

15. “I’m a movie crier, okay? Marley and Me just does it to me every time…”

corgisSource: Three Corgis

16. “Just—just go away, please. And for the love of Bully Sticks, stop taking pictures.”

shoooSource: Brownie Doge

17. “Sometimes we just need our space, okay? I promise I’ll want to play later.”

indieSource: Indie Daniel