18 Dogs Caring For Other Baby Animals

18 Dogs Caring For Other Baby Animals


Dogs are man’s best friend–and apparently a good friend to just about everything else.

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1. Shaun the shepherd is just tending to his flock, one hungry lamb at a time.

2. No bottle handy? No problem, little tiger. Just have some of mine.

3. He gives bear hugs, she gives doggie kisses.

4. These two love chasing cars together. No car has ever escaped them. Ever.

5. Baby the French Bulldog is raising a litter of boar piglets as her own. What are you doing with your life?


6. “Your ears feel hot to me. You have a fever. I’m calling Farmer John.”

7. You’ve always wanted a pet monkey? Rufus here beat you to it.

8. Clarence the cattle dog is just showing this baby Alpaca a little love.


9. “I don’t give a hoot what the other kids say; species does not matter. I’m your mother and I love you–that’s all you need to know.”

10. “Mama won’t let nobody go hungry.”

11. Even house cats are not excluded from doggie love.

12. This Dalmatian loves even the household pests.

13. Rusty and his water buffalo companion, Maude, just like lazing around.

14. Jasper spends all his time trying to keep his ducks in a row.

15. Francesca and her adopted kittens are killing it with cuteness.

16. This boxer loves his side kick, Billy.

17. When Molly found this poor, abandoned squirrel, she brought him into her litter without a second thought.

18. “You and me, dear, we belong together.”