18 Gifts for Couch Potato Pups Who Are Lazy Beyond Belief

18 Gifts for Couch Potato Pups Who Are Lazy Beyond Belief

Whether you wish your dog would get off their lazy arse or you’re happy to bring them treats on the sofa, this list will have something just right for the couch pupato near and dear to your heart.

1. Deer Me Sleepwear, $19

Does your pup spend a lot of time just lounging around? Deer Me is the perfect gear for ’em. Soft flannel never felt so good.

2. Snoozer Roll Around Pet Carrier, $70

For the dog that enjoys the outdoors, but not necessarily walking through them, this is pawfect. This roller carrier makes it easy to drag your dog where it needs to go, even if it’s too lazy to go by itself.


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3. Lumps of Coal, $7

To shame your pup for their sloth without actually being a total jerk about it, these Bocce’s Bakery treats are the perfect gift for naughty dogs who try to be nice.


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4. Toilet Bowl Dog Dish, $25

This novelty dog dish brings the experience of drinking toilet water to the couch, without all the pesky travel from the living room to the bathroom. Ahhh, refreshing.


Image via FeelWay

5. Doggie Stoggie, $8

For the classy canine who hangs out in the den, the chew toy cigar will allow your dog to wallow in their own laziness and vice without any of the harmful side effects!

6. A trip to the doggie day spa, Prices vary

These spas are popping up everywhere since dogs love them so much, and since we love our dogs! Check your local listings to find a pup spa near you.


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7. The Burrow Den, $74

Sometimes a dog needs a warm, cozy place to be lazy. The easy-snuggle Burrow Den won’t disappoint.


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8. The Toile Dog Blanket, $68

For the dog who insists on being lazy but also expects luxury, the Toile Dog Blanket will allow even the most slothful dog to feel dignified about it.


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9. Found My Animal Rope Collar, $56

Because your dog will never get lost on your couch.


Images via Dolls Kill and PetSwag

10. The Donut Bed, $140

The Donut Bed offers a deep cushion with surrounding walls of plushy comfort. No truly lazy dog can resist.


Image via BarkShop

11. Safari Dog Massage Brush, $5

A dual purpose brush to take care of all that hair, it also indulges your dog’s hedonistic soul by turning a brush session into a massage.


Image via Woman’s Day

12. The Slo-Bowl Slow Feeder, $20

If you’re hoping to discourage some of your dog’s laziness, the Slo-Bowl will make them work for the one thing all dogs want the most: dinner.


Image via BarkShop

13. Pawabunga’s Ruffhides, $28,

Does your dog dream of lying about all day, chewing her favorite chew to her heart’s content, only to chew it all up in a matter of minutes? Ruffhides encase your dog’s favorite chew to make it harder to bite, turning minutes of chewing into hours.


Image via BarkShop

14. The m.pup Dog House Sofa

Enjoy being a couch potato with your dog? Then here’s the couch for you. The Dog House Sofa makes the couch a space you and your dog can share. Contact m.pup for a price quote.


Image via BlessThisStuff

15. Lickety Stik, $6

Since your slovenly pup might not be moving as much as he should, try Lickety Stik, a low calorie treat for dogs who aren’t burning it up at the dog park.


Image via PetSafe

16. Couch Potato Dog Knits, Prices as low as $13

Your pup can never have too much lounge gear. Check out these handmade sweaters from Couch Potato Dog Knits. They’re fully stocked with a variety of sweaters for lazy dogs of all sizes, but you can also order a sweater custom made.


Image via Etsy

17. Roper Lead, $75

Take that dog on a walk! You can only let them be so lazy. Give them a lead with the classic Roper. Show them that walking can look good.


Image via BarkShop

18. Another pup!

If you really want to turn your lazy dog into an active dog, nothing will motivate your pup to play like a new brother or sister! We recommend downloading the free app BarkBuddy. It’s been Bark-tested and Bark-approved. This is the most efficient and direct way to find the dog you and your lazy doge are meant to adopt.


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