21 Etsy Gifts For People Who Like Dogs More Than Humans

21 Etsy Gifts For People Who Like Dogs More Than Humans

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The unconditional love and joy that a canine companion can bring is endless – not to mention universally inspiring. And nowhere is that inspiration more apparent than on Etsy; from pendants designed in Romania to greeting cards dreamed up in Hong Kong, dog-inspired pieces take many forms in our worldwide marketplace. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’ve rounded up some of the cutest and most unique items fit for the pup-obsessed pal (or pals) on your list. Scroll on for more!

1. Hand-Knit Miniature by Tin Tabernacle


Imagine the look on their face when they see a hand-knit, miniature version of their prized pup. They. Will. Love. It!

2. Temporary Tattoos by Emily McDowell


Looking for a small treat? How about an illustrated temporary tattoo that celebrates permanent puppy love.

3. Custom Pillows by Shebbo Design


Made-to-order pillows featuring your pal’s furry companion are cute and almost as cuddly as the real thing.

4. Dog Doodle Mug by Mary Kilvert


Does your dog-loving friend drink a morning cup of coffee or tea? Then this mug is just the thing.

5. Dog Breed Tote Bag by The Pet Studio


An illustrated canvas tote is cute and functional (how else are you going to haul all those chew toys and frisbees to the park?). Bonus: It comes in several versions – pick one to match their breed.

6. Cufflinks by Ialbert.


Canine cufflinks are a classy gift for the dressed-up dog lover on your list.

7. Dog and Owner BFF Necklaces by Slashpile Designs


You know how they say dogs are man’s best friend? Well, this sterling silver BFF set seals the deal.

8. Ceramic Earrings by DORCA Ceramics


And speaking of jewelry – these ceramic earrings, which are handmade in Poland, come in different colors and breeds, so you can give them a pair that looks just like their pup.

9. Custom Treat Cutter by Name That Cookie


Okay, let’s be real: the only gift more thoughtful than homemade doggie treats is homemade doggie treats made using a custom cookie cutter.

10. Custom Pet Sketch by Mrs. Morgan Made


These pet sketches are digitally designed from photos; simply pull a few images from your pal’s Instagram and place your order. Don’t forget the frame!

11. Pencil holder by Jaukudesign



For a hands-on alternative, encourage a creatively inclined puppy parent to attempt an original portrait of his own with some fancy new colored pencils housed in this birch carrier.

12. Breed-Specific Wine Stopper by Shepherds Grove


Filed under clever and cute: these decorative ceramic wine stoppers, which come in several breed-specific designs.

13. “My Goal in Life” Shirt by RC Tees


Here’s a simple-but-sweet gift: a screen-printed, soft cotton tee. Be sure to add a note that says their dog isn’t the only one who thinks they rule.

14. Plush Keyring by Edwyn UK



Here’s a good everyday gift: a keychain. Here’s an even better everyday gift: a keychain by Edwin UK, especially if it’s one that resembles their mutt’s mug.

15. “Pups” Zine by Sarah McNeil


This less-than-five-dollar mini zine is full of blue and burgundy risograph prints by Melbourne-based artist Sarah McNeil. Art and doggies – does it get any better?

16. Pug Pouch by Kara Burke Illustrates


Carrying business cards or subway fare is more fun with a pug pouch.

17. Nail Decals by JsUtopia


Another small-but-awesome Valentine: these nail decals, which feature teeny, tiny puppy faces. (Squeal!)

18. Tea Towel by Gingiber


Pair a screen-printed tea towel with some loose-leaf tea of their go-to variety and you’re sure to be their favorite Valentine.

19. Custom Embroidery by Hoopla Stitch


The artistry in this custom, hand-embroidered hoop will wow them, and forever commemorate their beloved companion.

20. Toddler Pug Sweatshirt by Supayana


Finally, in the event that your pup-obsessed pal is an adorable toddler, a shirt from Supayana’s collection will bring a smile to her (and your) face.

21. Gift Tag and Wrap by Fire Hydrant Press


No matter what gift you decide on, don’t forget to wrap it up in some paws-itively adorable wrapping paper!

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