10 Dog Gifts For Spoiled Dogs Who LOVE Their Humans

10 Dog Gifts For Spoiled Dogs Who LOVE Their Humans

Dogs are the best creatures in the universe who put up with all of our Grinch-like qualities all year round. They’re excited by the sight of a leash, never tire of belly rubs, will always listen to our ramblings, and will party the night away with nothing more than a stick. Here are the top 10 gifts for your well-deserving….maybe also a little spoiled, pup.


1) BarkBox

Receiving a BarkBox filled with unique surprises, just for them, every month will thrill and delight your pup! Each BarkBox comes with: two toys, two bags of treats, and a chew. As a quick warning- after the first BarkBox, your dog will start to think every box that is delivered, is just for them.

Why We Love it:

-There’s a new theme every month! With the incredible assortment of original toys, treats, and chews, your dog will always stay engaged.
-For no additional charge, BarkBox now offers to customize your dog’s box based on their specific treat and toy preferences. This creates a truly personalized experience for each and every pup.
-There’s over $40 worth of presents waiting inside, but BarkBoxes start at just $22!

Sign up here and receive a free extra toy every month. <-- This deal is worth up to $120 in value if you sign up for a 12-month subscription! :)


2) Super Chewer BarkBox

BarkBox is ready to make sure all dogs can have an amazing present to open each month, even the Super Chewers! The design team at BarkBox has found a way to make even the toughest toys just as cool as plush toys. The ultra-durable Super Chewer BarkBox come with: 2 tough toys, 2 bags of treats, and 2 chews.

Why We Love It:

-Super Chewer toys are always fluff-free! Without fluff in the way, your dog can spend more time doing what they do best- chewing.
-Super Chewer toys are primarily rubber and nylon based, which means your pup is only getting the longest-lasting toys available.
-There’s treat and chew customization options available for Super Chewer BarkBoxes, for no additional charge! As an insider tip- ask about the all toy Super Chewer BarkBox option.
-If a toy is ever not tough enough for your super chewer, just let BarkBox know and they’ll send a new toy your dog’s way. No questions asked.

Start your super chewer’s monthly gift!


3) Memory Foam Bed

Did you know that you can now get your deserving dog an Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam Bed?! This bed offers comfort and support for your pup. It’s so cozy that you may find your dog laying on their bed instead of the couch.

Why We Love It:

-The top layer of gel memory foam helps regulate body temperature.
-The fleece cover is even easy to remove and machine washable.
-This bed is available in small, medium, and large. It’s also available in 4 different colors. With so many color options, it’s easy to coordinate with your furniture.
-Coming in at under $60 for the large bed, the price is affordable for all budgets.
Discover your dog’s new favorite bed


4) Canvas Pet Tote


To get around town and travel with your smaller pup, it’s a necessity to find the perfect tote. With the Love They Beast Canvas Pet Tote pictured above, both your dog and you will feel comfortable traveling across town or across the country.

Why We Love It:

-A soft scoop neck makes it easy and comfortable for your pup to have look out and check out the sights with you.
-With a sturdy footpad and a clip for harnesses, you’ll always feel confident that your dog is secure.
-Pockets! There are plenty of pockets to always keep your pup’s treats, leash, and poop bags handy.
– This tote is able to easily hold dogs up to 30 pounds.
Check out your pup’s perfect tote


5) Furbo Dog Camera

It’s so difficult knowing you have to be away from your dog sometimes. Being away from your dog can even make it hard to concentrate. Your busy wondering what your dog’s up to and if they’re having a good day. Luckily, the brilliant people at Furbo thought of everything to ease your mind, with this dog camera.

Why We Love It:

-It’s incredibly easy to check in on your pup, literally any time. To see how your dog is doing, just open the Furbo app on a phone or iPad and there’s your dog.
-Furbo has a feature to send an alert when it hears your pup barking. If a barking alert does pop up, you can actually hold the microphone button in the app and talk to your pup to calm them down. Plus, you can even click to toss a treat to your dog.
-Having a Furbo Dog Camera can help enhance your bond with your dog by providing the opportunity to be there for them even when you can’t physically be there.
Learn more about the Furbo Dog Camera

6) Cozy Couple Bundle

Winter time is the peak season for cuddling with your best furry friend. The Cozy Couple Bundle will have you and your dog in the mood for snuggles. This bundle comes with a plush blanket, a comfy hat, a pup friendly scented candle, and cookies to share.

Why We Love It:

-Shareable Oat and Maple Cookies have been crafted to be safe and delicious for both dogs and people to enjoy. You might even find yourself snacking on these oven baked cookies while your pup is napping.
-The Buffalo Check blanket is machine washable and uses a cotton blend. This makes it versatile for the car, your pup’s crate, or snuggling up on the couch.
-The Rescued Wine Holiday Pine candle included in this bundle sends a portion of their proceeds to help dogs in need. The pine scent will also have you and your pup feeling festive all season.
-The Fair Isle Ski Hat is a little treat just for you. Be sure to wear it to the dog park and see if anyone notices the design.
Grab your and your dog’s Cozy Couple Bundle

7) Matching Pajamas

Matching pajamas are just too perfect to resist! Every year so many families share the tradition of having matching pajamas for the holidays. Now your spoiled dog can get in on the fun too.

Why We Love It:

-It’s all one piece with an easy close fastener. When you see how easy it is to get your pup in these pajamas, you’ll literally be wondering why every dog outfit isn’t designed like this.
-They come in extra small to extra large sizes. No matter what shape your dog is, they’ll be able to find the perfect fit.
-There’s human pajamas in the same pattern. For humans, the pajamas come in kids sizes, women’s and men’s. Just think of the holiday card possibilities this year!
Pick out your pup’s pajamas


8) Christmas Kit

In the Christmas Kit from BarkShop, you’ll have everything ready whether your dog’s been naughty or nice this year. Let’s face, they’ve probably been a little bit of both, but we’re going to keep spoiling them!

Why We Love It:

-You’ve heard of elf on a shelf, but have you met Reggie on a Ledgie? Reggie on a Ledgie is your dog’s new favorite squirrel friend that will make sure they’re on their best behavior this Christmas. Trust us when we tell you Reggie sees everything.
-Four kinds of treats! There is a treat tin decorated in dog doodles. The treat tin comes filled with chicken and apple tenders. Your dog will also find duck treats and bite-sized chicken treats, which are the perfect size to put in their stocking. Plus, there are heart-shaped coal treats flavored with tummy safe charcoal and a hint of apple. Your pup will love you for these tasty treats.
-The Christmas Kit also comes with reindeer antlers, a plush bow, and a Santa hat which your pup can use for pictures and as toys.
-To take it over-the-top, a reversible bandana is included. Your dog can now show off their Christmas spirit everywhere they go.
Get your pup’s Christmas gifts today.

9) Hanukkah Kit

For all the Jewish pups out there, now you can reward your dog during those eight crazy nights with their very own Hannukah Kit. It comes complete with a dreidel, two kinds of snacks, a plush gefilte fish, plush takeout food, and a bagel with a schmear.

Why We Love It:

-The Cod Treats Tube and the Beef Tendersticks are both single ingredient treats. This makes both treats an excellent choice for pups with dietary restrictions.
-Each toy in the Hannukah Kit is available for large and small pups.
-Your dog is going to go crazy for pulling each of the Andi’s Plush Dumplings out of the carton. To make it an even more exciting game for your pup, hide bite-sized pieces of the Beef Tendersticks in with the dumplings.
Get your dog ready for Hannukah


10) Bow Wow Down Crown

Matching mom and dog
Is it even a question? Of course your dog needs a crown! The Bow Wow Down Crown is crucial to letting every guest know they are in the presence of royalty.

Why We Love It:

-The Bow Wow Down Crown has a squeaker in every jewel. Additionally, it makes an exciting crinkle sound.
-Pictures of your spoiled pup in their crown, sitting atop a throne of toys is the ultimate way for a pup to show off on Instagram.
-Having the Bow Wow Down Crown around will remind you to take time and truly treat your pup like the amazing beautiful beast that they are.
Get your king or queen’s Bow Wow Down Crown


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