5 Dogs to Follow on Twitter: By Scout

5 Dogs to Follow on Twitter: By Scout

It’s no secret that I am the hardest working employee at BarkBox. I take great pride in the fact that I am not afraid to get both paws dirty in my mission to spread the word of BarkBox worldwide. As of late, my favorite way to discuss the awesomeness of my work is through Twitter. (The textual brevity is very conducive to typing with two paws.) As it turns out, there are a slew of intelligent canines on the social media platform, these are a few of my favorites:

1. Birdie:

This girl. She and I are kindred spirits, I tell you. After  5 minutes of reading this pup’s feed, I was hooked. I mean, I respect anyone who can make relieving oneself philosophical. (Also, Birdie, if you’re reading this, DM me if you want a BarkBox office tour. Or a date. I’m down for either.)

2. Monty the Dog:

Another canine I see myself being friends with IRL. Monty is mischievous and he follows the royal family… including the dogs. Stay classy, Monty. Stay classy.

3. Rocky the Dog:

Rocky is a German Shepard/Malamute mix who is recovering from spine surgery. (Yikes!) I really like Rocky’s honesty and enthusiasm in his battle to walk again. But seriously, Rocky, have you ever heard of Spellcheck?

Be strong, my friend. 

4. Penny Lane:

Penny Lane lives with actress Susan Sarandon has a life full of films and celebrities. Needless to say I’m a bit envious. But word on the Tweets is that Penny likes to help fellow pups deal with the celebrity of their parents. This fame-coaching will be handy in the future when I’m more famous than Rin Tin Tin. (A Schnauzer can dream, right?)

5. Blue II and Trip:

And finally, the bulldogs. These guys are the best– gentledogs and scholars. As the mascots for Butler University in Indianapolis, these pups are the schmoozers who go to all of the football games and public relations events for the university. I’m a big supporter of all dogs with careers, so I had to send those Butler bulldogs a BarkBox:

Of course I had to include a paw-written note in my BarkBoxes to the bulldogs.

And if any other dogs out there want to connect on Twitter, just leave a bark-out below. I’m always on the lookout for networking opportunities so that I can bring BarkBoxes to homes everywhere.

PS: FOLLOW ME. And sign up for my newsletter while you’re at it. I’m going to ask for a raise soon and I need stats to back me up.