50 States, 50 Dogs: Who Deserves Bragging Rights And Why

50 States, 50 Dogs: Who Deserves Bragging Rights And Why

The United States is home to 50 wonderfully unique states, and each of those states are home to a zillion (or so) awesome dogs. Many of those states boast an official state dog, or are in the process of establishing one. While we love all dogs (and states) equally, we’ll be taking a look at all 50 states and making our own recommendations for which dog best suits which state.

bassett hound map

And we’re off!


Current state dog: None!



This guy. I’m told this is a deer. It is not a dog. But that’s alright, because we have a dog for you, Arkansas.

Recommended state dog: Lakeland Terrier

lakeland terrier

The Lakeland Terrier was developed in the Lake District of England. They are descended from the old English Black and Tan and Fell Terriers, making them one of the oldest Terriers, dating all the way back to the 1700s (even before this photo was taken).

lakeland old photo

These intelligent pups were bred to hunt animals. Their size and energetic disposition naturally lent themselves to identifying prey in hard to reach places. Friendly and independent, they get along great with family and friends.

lakeland playing

Bonus? They’re (mostly) hypo-allergenic. Hey, no one’s perfect.

But the Lakeland Terrier may just be perfect for Arkansas. A state known for its diverse terrain and outdoor recreation, it offers a wide range of landscapes and waterscapes for this playful pup, not to mention a variety of dog-inclusive sports like hunting and fishing.


In fact, a good deal of Arkansas’ population continues to enjoy duck and deer hunting. Tons of acres (really, like millions) of public land have been devoted to just this.

lakeland old 2

A dog that wants to hunt, play and hang with the family? Sounds like a great fit to us!


Current state dog: None!

An attempt to make the Beagle the official dog was met with some PETA backlash, and it doesn’t look like the state has come any closer to making a decision. BUT THEY DO HAVE A STATE BIRD IT’S CALLED THE HERMIT THRUSH DOES ANYONE CARE ABOUT THAT DOES ANYONE CARE ABOUT HERMIT THRUSHES?!


Eh. Birds don’t really get us going, do they? We wanna hear about DOGS. In that light, we have a suggestion for Vermont’s state dog, if we may:

Recommended state dog: Cardinal


Ha! Gotcha! Just wanted to see if you were paying attention. OK, all joking aside (although you have to admit, that was an extremely funny bird joke), here is our recommendation for Vermont’s state dog. And we SWEAR it’s a dog — even though this one can be quite feline-tastic:

Recommended state dog: Shiba Inu

animal planet shiba

Originally from Japan, the Shiba Inu was bred to hunt small game, like birds and rabbits. This well-developed instinct is often noted as a reason for their fierce independent streak. Although still a popular breed in Japan, the Shiba Inu has been steadily climbing the popularity ranks in the U.S., ever since an armed service family introduced the first one in 1954.

The state of Vermont and the breed Shiba Inu have a lot in common. They both embrace cold climates and mountainous terrains. They’re both known for their independence. And they’re both beautiful AF.

shiba vermont collage

Sources: We Heart It & Media Gallaxy/WordPress

Like Shiba Inus, Vermonters are well-known for their political autonomy. The state is one of just a handful that at one point existed as its own country. Its history of non-traditional political theory has even encouraged secession movements in the past.

The Shiba is a dog that would definitely feel these self-reliant sentiments. After all, this is how they “play.”shiba mirror

As in, they prefer to play with themselves. Or, at most, with a cat. That’s right. A CAT.

shiba cat

Even the cat is like, “Um. No. You’re a DOG, dog.” But it’s true — it even says on Wikipedia that Shiba Inus interact well with cats. WIKIPEDIA, FOLKS.

In dog world, Shiba Inus are often referred to as “The Cat of Dogs.” In addition to getting along with felines, these pups are notorious for licking their paws and legs in the same way that cats do. But it also explains the Shiba Inus’ clean, near-flawless appearance. These fastidious feline-canines even take long, luxurious stretches like cats, too:

shiba cat 2

Despite their cat-like tendencies, Shiba Inus have a wealth of wonderful dog qualities that must be noted for Vermonters. They do their own thing, yes, but they’re quite sweet and happy, too.

happy shiba

These beauties come in a variety of colors — namely red, sesame, black & tan, or white.

shiba inu zero_facebook

They’re capable. They could run their own business. In fact, some already do.

shiba inu smart

They’re sassy.

sassy shiba

They love exercise, but they’re also, like, super chill.

chill shiba

They enjoy the snow (and Vermont gets a lot of that).

snow shiba

And they’re just an all-around awesome watchdog, family companion and friend, one that perfectly matches the independent spirit of the Green Mountain State!

tumblr gif


Current state dog: None!

Not againnnnn. Another state without an official dog? Well, I guess there’s no use in complaining. We’ve got a job to do after all. And we’ve got a recommendation for this great state. Cause that’s, like, our job.

Recommended state dog: Appalachian Turkey Dog

turkey dog with toy

You may not have heard of The Appalachian Turkey Dog. We weren’t very familiar with this breed either, but now that we learned a little, we like what we know — and we think this turkey pup is a fantastic fit for West Virginia.

turkey trot acres

The Appalachia region of the U.S. covers 13 states, but West Virginia is the only state that is officially all-Appalachia. That is, it lies entirely within the area defined as Appalachia. So, like, all of West Virginia is also Appalachia. Here, this map will explain it better than I can apparently.

appalachian regional commission

The state enjoys a rich tradition of Appalachian life… one that could (and should!) include the Appalachian Turkey Dog.

Created by crossing an English Pointer, English Setter and Plott Hound, this pup’s history traces back to the efforts of breeder and hunter John Byrne, who wanted to develop the perfect hunting dog. The result? The Appalachian Turkey Dog: a sweet, affectionate, black-and-white-speckled, floppy-eared family dog (that, yes, is also quite adept at hunting turkey).

turkey dog coseup

With this pup by their side, West Virginians will never be without the perfect partner — a dog that embraces the history of this state with grace, affection and the spirit of the outdoors.

turkey dog

And also a love of turkeys.

14. IOWA

Current state dog: None!

poodle gif

Normally, we would be upset with you, Iowa, but we’re too excited about this recommendation, so we’ll just get right to it.

Recommended state dog: Dutch Shepherd Dog

love of a dog

The Dutch Shepherd Dog, as you may have guessed, is a shepherd dog of Dutch origin. It is therefore excellently named. Seriously, whoever named it deserves a medal, or at least a pat on the back.

Dutch Shepherds were originally utilized by farmers to help with their work. This breed is versatile, intelligent, loyal, and adaptable. In fact, they’re the perfect partner: they want to spend time with you and work well together, but they also can do their own thing and be independent. They are well-suited for the beautiful, flat farmlands that epitomize Iowa.


Dutch humans have a rich history in Iowa. The Dutch arrived in North America in the early 1600s through the government-chartered Dutch East India Company. Today, the majority of Dutch Americans live New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and yessss, you guessed it — Iowa!


A sign greeting visitors outside a Dutch dairy farm in Butler County, Iowa. Welkom indeed!

Dutch immigration to Iowa began in the mid-1800s, where they settled, most notably, the cities of Pella and Orange City. Life in Iowa was so wonderful that many of their Dutch brethren joined, and their communities grew. I mean, wouldn’t you want to look at this everyday?

union of concerned scientists

Both of these cities continue to celebrate their Dutch heritage today — many of the buildings are modeled after Netherlands-style architecture, there are many Dutch windmills to enjoy, and of course, there is the annual spring Tulip Festivals.

weekend notes

Like Iowans, Dutch Shepherds are committed to hard work, passion for their state’s beautiful land, and committed to family. Not to mention these pups would be happy to lend a paw around the house and farm.


It only makes sense, then, that Iowans should embrace the Dutch Shepherd Dog as their own — because, historically speaking, it is!


Current state dog: None!

Apparently, Washington attempted to make the Siberian Husky their state dog in 2004, but the State House of Representatives vetoed the measure.


Whaaaaat?!?! It is near-impossible to imagine how you could say “no” to something this gorgeous, unless perhaps the Washington legislature is composed entirely of cats?

cat congress

If that’s the case, then this makes some sense. Either way, there’s no use in complaining, because we have another dog to propose to the great state of Washington, one that we think even a Cat Congress could vote “aye” (or “meow”?) for.

Recommended state dog: Portuguese Water Dog


The Portuguese Water Dog’s name says it all: it was developed in the Portuguese area of the Algarve, it was bred originally to assist in the water, and yes, it’s also a dog. Back in the day, these water whizzes herded fish into fishermen’s nets, retrieved broken and misplaced equipment, and delivered materials between ships and shore. In short, they were — and continue to be — pretty badass.

coastal canine mag

Isn’t it convenient, then, that Washington is one of the rainiest states in the U.S.?


Another beautiful day in Washington’s largest city, Seattle.

During an average year, the state has only 58 clear days. Its capital, Olympia, consistently ranks among the highest for rainfall in the States, and anyone who has watched the ABC medical soap Grey’s Anatomy knows that it rains ALL THE TIME in Seattle (because it rains there a lot and also because the characters’ lives are just. so. dramatic.).

somebody sedate me

It just seems like you’re gonna want a water-lovin’ hound to deal with all the rain rackin’ up in this Pacific Northwest state. But if the Washington House of Representatives needs more incentive, look no further than all the way east, to the federal district of Washington, D.C., where two very famous Portuguese Water Dogs currently reside.

sunny bo

Yes, the First Dog of the White House, Bo (left), and his sibling, Sunny (right), are, in fact, Portuguese Water Hounds! Since taking the Office of Dog in 2009, Bo has maintained a busy schedule, making appearances on late night TV, attending obedience training, and teaching Sunny everything he knows. The siblings even met The Pope, although for Bo and Sunny, this was probably just a regular Tuesday.


Nevertheless, we think it’d be pretty cool for the Washington of the West to adopt the Portuguese Water Dog as their official state dog! What do you say, Washington?!

obama dogs


Official state dog: None!

Minnesota has a lot of lakes, yes…

minnesota lakes

…but there’s definitely still room for a state dog. Even a big one.

Recommended state dog: Newfoundland


Given its extensive number of lakes, Minnesota is known as “The Land of 10,000 Lakes.” But that motto sells the state short, because Minnesota actually has 15,291 lakes.

minn lakes use

I guess “The Land of 15,291 Lakes” is less catchy.

The fact is, Minnesota has the most lakes of the lower 48 by a landslide (or lakeslide, depending on how much you like puns). That’s a lot of water — and Minnesotans deserve a dog that can handle swimming and navigating these lakes like a pro.

Enter the Newfoundland aka Newfie.

newfie swim use

Newfoundlands hail from the formerly British Dominion of Newfoundland (which is now part of Canada). These large working dogs were originally bred to brave icy waters and assist fishermen with their work. Renowned for their big size, intelligence, docile nature, and loyalty, they are also known for their lifesaving instincts.

bilbo use

There are many stories and legends about Newfies coming to the rescue in treacherous waters. Their natural strength and water-resistant double coat, not to mention their webbed feet, make these gentle giants a perfect water companion.

webbed feet yse

You know just from looking at one of these big furry buddies that they’ll keep you warm during the cold winter Minnesota months. But did you know that Newfies have also inspired poets and philosophers, the likes of Thoreau, Lord Byron, and even Herman Melville?

Here’s what Thoreau had to say in his classic reflection, Walden:

“A man is not a good man to me because he will feed me if I should be starving, or warm me if I should be freezing, or pull me out of a ditch if I should ever fall into one. I can find you a Newfoundland dog that will do as much.” – Henry David Thoreau, Walden, 1854

silly newfie 2

Lord Byron honored his Newfoundland, Boatswain, with this tear-jerking poem tribute:

“Near this spot are deposited the remains of one who possessed Beauty without Vanity, Strength without Insolence, Courage without Ferocity, and all the Virtues of Man, without his Vices. This Praise, which would be unmeaning Flattery if inscribed over human ashes, is but a just tribute to the Memory of Boatswain, a Dog.” – Lord Byron, Epitaph to a Dog/Inscription on the Monument to a Newfoundland Dog, 1808


Not to be outdone, Herman Melville would like to add this:

“That boat, Rover by name…had familiarly lain there, as a Newfoundland dog; the sight of that household boat evoked a thousand trustful associations…” – Herman Melville, Benito Cereno, 1855

I don’t really understand what that means, but it sure does sound nice.

ANYWAY, with their natural water abilities, calm disposition, warm coats, and unwavering loyalty, Newfoundlands would make a fine state dog for Minnesota.


And as long as Minnesotans like all sorts of liquid…

newfie drool

…we think it’s a match made in heaven.


Current state dog: None!

Just because you’re the least populous state in the Union doesn’t mean you don’t need a state dog. If anything, a pup is the perfect thing to keep Wyomingians (?) company.

wyoming use

Better company than these bozos anyway. Here’s who we think just might be a perfect fit.

Recommended state dog: Entlebucher Mountain Dog


Like the Bernese, the Entlebucher Mountain Dog hails from the Swiss Alps, specifically from an area known as Entlebuch. They were known then (and now) as hard workers, skilled problem-solvers, dedicated guardians, and committed companions. Originally developed to accompany herders and dairymen, the Entlebucher represents the smallest of the four types of Swiss mountain dogs (or Sennenhund).

Last but not least! From left, Greater Swiss Mountain, Bernese Mountain, Appenzeller, and Entlebucher Mountain.

Last but not least! From left to right: Greater Swiss Mountain, Bernese Mountain, Appenzeller, and, of course, the Entlebucher Mountain.

These tri-color beauties generally weigh between 45 and 60 pounds and are agile, active, good-natured, and devoted to family. They’re adept in both sun and snow, and their smaller size allows them to traverse tricky terrain with speed and ease.

adhem kennel

As a working dog born and bred in the Swiss mountains, the Entlebucher would prove to be a natural at navigating Wyoming, which is basically covered in its own set of Alps. That’s right — more than half of the western part of Wyoming boasts mountain ranges, as it covers the eastern part of the Rocky Mountains…

wyoming mountains

…while the eastern third of the state is better known as the High Plains, or Great Plains, due to the elevated prairie area.

foothills wyoming

Smart, skilled, and sweet, the Entlebucher Mountain Dog would make a fine state dog for the great state of Wyoming. Besides, what’s the point of enjoying cinematic moments like this without a dog?

wyoming mountains

C’mon, Wyoming!


Current state dog: None!

Sure, Rhode Island is small.

rhode island
Like, really small.

rhode island small
But it’s not so small that you couldn’t fit a state dog! It’s 1,241 square miles. We’re not mathematicians, but you could definitely cram at least a couple of dogs inside Rhode Island. Like this one.

Recommended state dog: Pomeranian

pomeranian use
Rhode Island may be the smallest state in the Union, but it has a rich history of SASS dating back to its colonial days. On May 4, 1776, Rhode Island was the very first of the 13 original colonies to waive its allegiance to the British. They basically said this:

bitch fab
Except they probably said “Brits, I am fabulous.”

The sass doesn’t stop there. Oh no. Rhode Island was the FOURTH to ratify the Articles of Confederation in 1778 (the first constitution before The Constitution), but THEN, they boycotted the 1787 Convention that resulted in the Constitution, and REFUSED to sign off on it.

Rhode Island RSVP'd "no "to this party, the Constitutional Convention of 1787.

Rhode Island RSVP’d “no “to this party, the Constitutional Convention of 1787.

Eventually, Rhode Island became the 13th and final (original) state to ratify The Constitution. But they ratified that sh-t their way. And probably threw George Washington a bunch of looks like these in the process.

pomer dried seaweed
To honor this state’s tradition of being small ‘n’ sassy, we’ll need a dog that fits that bill. And so obviously it’s The Pomeranian, because they’re fierce and fabulous and, as you might have noticed, we already mentioned above that they were our pick.

The Pomeranian was developed in the Pomerania area of Central Europe (present-day east Germany/north Poland). Henceforth referred to as The Pom (because that’s a cute nickname and because I keep misspelling their full name), Poms are classified as a toy breed due to their insanely cute, small size. They typically weigh between four and eight pounds, and boast a textured coat with a plumed tail that often makes others jealous. They also have eerie Terminator-like powers*.

pomeranian terminator

So they’re pretty cool. Even cooler? Poms’ top coat forms a ruffle of fur around the neck, almost like a royal collar, which makes total sense, since the popular (and smaller) Poms of today were popularized by none other than Queen Victoria, who had a Pom named Turi and, somewhat less notably, was also the Queen of England or something from 1837 until 1901.

pomeranian project
Remember England? America’s ex? For most of us, running into a former flame is tough. But we’re not Poms. And Poms don’t let anything stop them. Not even awkward moments.

pomeranian runin

In addition to expertly navigating potentially awkward post-colonial waters, Poms are playful, energetic, and friendly — but can show aggression towards other dogs (there’s that sass again). Since 1998, they’ve consistently ranked among the top 20 most popular breeds state-side.

But enough history. We will now unleash upon you the full range of Pomeranian sass as incontrovertible evidence that they are ideally fit to serve as Rhode Island’s state dog.

They’ve got bark (like, adorable baby arfs)…

pomer bark

…bite (like, the littlest nibble)…

pomer fighting

…and bounce (speaks for itself).

pomer bounce

Oh. And they’ve got booties.

pomeranian bootues

So, Rhode Island, if you’re looking for a furry friend to match your size and spunk (and why wouldn’t you?), look no further than this precious pup.

*According to non-science.


Current state dog: None!

The Big Sky Country state has a lot of sky, sure…

blazing catfur
…but what good is all that sky if you can’t share it with an official state dog? Right?

Recommended state dog: Bernese Mountain Dog

Developed in the Swiss Alps in the 1800s, Bernese Mountain Dogs originally accompanied dairymen, helped herders, and worked as general farm dogs, pulling carts and performing draft services. Today, they are a popular family dog due to their pleasant demeanor, affectionate disposition, and natural ability with children.

As a breed with extensive experience in “hilly” terrain, the Bernese would be well-suited for the state whose name comes from the Spanish word for mountain (montaña) — and whose entire western third is covered in ’em! Loyal companions and avid outdoors-dogs, the Bernese makes the perfect hiking partner.

They also make a great snuggle buddy, which is much-appreciated on those cold Montana nights. After all, Berneses are CUDDLY AF and this beautiful state gets BRISK. “The Land of the Shining Mountains” holds the record for the coldest temperature in the lower 48 states with a reading of -70 °F, measured on January 20, 1954 at Rogers Pass in the Rocky Mountains.

We could give you many more reasons why the Bernese Mountain Dog would make a fantastic addition to the state of Montana. Their unparalleled ability, for instance, to pull off a fur coat like nobody’s business.

Their natural excitement at being outdoors.

Their inability to take a bad photo, like, ever. (Seriously, it’s not possible.)

But we think the evidence is pretty clear. With their lovable personalities, willingness to work and take care of family, and big warm furry bodies, the Bernese Mountain Dog is a perfect fit for the beautiful, challenging landscapes of the Big Sky Country state.

So, what do you say, Montana? Will you take the Bernese Mountain Dog paw’s in holy state dog-dom?


Current state dog: None!

Utah does not have an official state dog, but they do have some kickass mountains!

utah mountains
We know, we know. What’s the point of a mountain if you don’t have a dog? Couldn’t agree more. We’ll try to remedy this.

Recommended state dog: Border Terrier

border terrier pic
While Utah does not boast an official state dog, they do boast some beautifully pristine, perfect borders. Just look at the fine lines here.

utah map
Not only that, but the southeastern region of Utah serves as a crucial part of The Four Corners — the quadripoint where four states meet in one location. It is the only place in the whole dang U.S. where the boundaries of four states come together. See?!

four corners
As if that wasn’t cool enough, this one time in Breaking Bad, Skyler White went to The Four Corners Monument to think about how crazy her life had gotten.

skyler white
Given the borders-and-boundaries-bonanaza happening in Utah, a Border Terrier is well-suited to assume the role of this state’s official dog. Besides their perfect name, their naturally “plucky, happy and affectionate” disposition (the AKC’s exact words on the matter) means they’d be happy to take on the noble responsibilities associated with the job.

terrier gif
Border Terrier were originally bred to be fox and vermin hunters. The idea was that their legs were long enough to keep pace with the other horses and foxhounds that were along for the ride, while their bodies were small and agile enough to navigate through fox burrows. Not to hang out with the foxes, but to chase them out of their homes so that the waiting hunters would have a clean shot.

agile border terrier
That’s pretty badass, little guy.

So, Utah, we hope you’re ready, because the Border Terrier sure is.

border terrier gif 2

Current state dog: None!

True, Alabama does not have an official state dog, but it does boast an impressive array of flora and fauna!

flora and fauna
We know, we know. Flowers are great, but what about the dogs? Totally hear you. And we’re ready to serve up a great recommendation for Alabama state dog.

Recommended state dog: Black Mouth Cur

black cur
This hunting and cattle dog was born, bred (and still bays) right in Alabama. Smart, muscular, and agile, the Black Mouth Cur is both a wonderful family dog and a helping hand around the house.

black mouth cur 2
The Black Mouth Cur was developed by the Irish, Scots and Celts when they began to arrive in southeastern America over 200 years ago. This working dog proved incredibly helpful to the pioneers settling the area.

black mouth cur field
Since those days, this pup has been ably performing a wide variety of tasks, ranging from herding animals to tracking and trailing game to hunting big and small animals. They love the fresh air and require plenty of exercise, so they’re not exactly couch paw-tatoes.

black mouth cur use
The history of the Black Mouth Cur is buried deep in the roots of the Alabama soil. These dogs have worked the land and provided companionship and love for Alabama’s families for hundreds of years, and we think it’s about time we made this long-lasting relationship official!

black mouth cur

Current state dog: Blue Lacy

blue lacy
The Blue Lacy was officially signed into legislation in 2005. Developed by the Lacy Brothers in the mid-1800s, these pups are generally easy to train, intelligent, alert, and adept at hunting. Despite their name, they can be seen in three colors: blue, red, and tri-colored.

three lacys
Well, that’s all well and good. But we did some research and can suggest another breed that would fit the bill for the Lone Star state’s state dog. Allow us to introduce…

Recommended state dog: Border Collie

border collie use
You guys. Texas boasts the most farms, highest acreage, and greatest livestock production in the whole dang U.S. As such, cattle is their most valuable commodity. Ipso facto, we’re gonna need some dogs to herd the heck out of these cows, sheep and goats.

chewing cow
Raising livestock presents many challenges. I would know (because I read a lot about it while doing this research). Moving various animals around your farm, keeping certain ones separate depending on veterinary needs, and secluding different ones to specific areas of the farm can be hard work. Enter the Border Collie.

collie running
The Border Collie is often cited as the strongest herding dog in the game (if not the indisputable champion). They have been bred specifically to herd, plus their natural instincts, trainability, and intelligence make for a powerful helper/herder. They can do it all: cattle, goats, chickens, pigs. You name it, they’ll herd it. Ducks?

collie ducks 2
Duck yes. Sheep?

border collie sheep
Sheeeeeep yeah. Horses?

collie with horse
Of course-s. They may look like they’re horsing around, but they’re not. This goes on their timecard, too.

collie 2
Border Collies aren’t afraid to get sassy…

collie with sheep
… but they can be sweet, too.

Plus, with minimal training, they quickly learn which livestock need a little more of a push than others. I’m looking at you, sassy cow.

sassy cow
We feel that the Border Collie would make a fine addition to the Texas State Dog tradition. These dogs get sh-t done and they look good doing it, too.

border collies gif

Current state dog: None!

Similar to other states, Illinois doesn’t have an official state dog. But they do have a state butterfly!

caterpillar meme
No, you’re right. Who cares about a butterfly. Illinois desperately needs a state dog. Not to worry — we’re on this.

Recommended state dog: Dachshund

dachshund copy 1
The Dachshund, aka the doxie aka the wiener dog aka the hot dog dog, is the unforgettable short-legged, long-bodied pup who looks and (often acts) just like a weenie.

andi wieners
Dachshunds aren’t the only weenies in town though. Do you know what Illinois’ biggest city, Chicago, goes crazy for? Hot dogs. But they gotta be Chicago-style hot dogs.

hot dogs

Three gorgeous Chicago-style dogs. Just as delicious-looking as those Dachshunds above.

Chicago-style means: slap an all-beef weenie onto a poppy seed bun, then top it with yellow mustard, chopped white onions, tomato, pickled sport peppers, sweet pickle relish, a dill pickle spear, a dash of celery salt and ABSOLUTELY NO KETCHUP. For most Chicagoans, the inclusion of ketchup is, plain and simple, really messed up.

chicago hot dog meme
Seriously, people get upset.

Anyway, given the city and the state’s commitment to hot dogs, and the likeness the Dachshund bears to it, we think it’s a no-brainer to recommend this lil’ frankfurter as Illinois’ state pooch.

wiener dog collage Sources: Video Game Geek & Rover
Plus you shouldn’t put ketchup on either of these hot dogs. Illinois, state dog case closed.

Now that that’s settled, please enjoy that gif of Dachshunds dressed as hot dogs running in a field:

hot dog gif

Current state dog: None!

pug head tilt
Like you, these pugs are baffled by this news. Don’t worry, guys. We have some answers.

Recommended state dog: Redbone Coonhound

redbone coonhound
Similar to California, Colorado also does not have a state dog. Yet. For our recommendation, we dug deep into the state history and found that it was named for the red-brown Colorado River, which Spanish explorers dubbed the Rio Colorado (colorado translates to “ruddy” or “reddish” in Spanish).

Redbone Coonhounds would be well-suited for Colorado’s diverse country, which boasts forests, canyons, and desert regions.

colorado diverse landscape
Also stunning snow-capped mountains, winding rivers, picturesque plateaus, and sweeping mesas. We get it, Colorado. You’re gorgeous. Geez.

Anyway, Redbone Coohounds are gorgeous, too, not to mention agile and adaptable in just about every land and waterscape imaginable.

These lean, smart Scenthounds enjoy the outdoors, have proven to be excellent hunters and trackers, and are great at using their heads.

coonhound uses head
Redbone Coonhounds are also very affectionate and loving. They’re known to become quite heartbroken when left out of family activities, so Colorado, don’t leave this beautiful ruddy dog out. You’re a match made in dog heaven!

sad coonhound

Current state dog: None!

question mark
Recommended state dog: Ricochet the Surf Dog

ricochet surf dog ca
Because California does not currently boast a state dog, we get to suggest one (and hopefully in non-controversial fashion!). Rather than a breed of pup (although yes, she is a Golden Retriever), we are instead submitting as our paw-fficial recommendation for Caliornia this specific (and inspiring) pup: Ricochet the Surf Dog Surfice Dog!

ricochet surf with kid
San Diego native Ricochet is a Californian at heart. Like many West Coast beach bums, Ricochet’s love of the surf began early. At a mere eight weeks old, she climbed onto a boogie board and easily balanced herself.

ricochet balancing
Although initially raised to be a traditional service dog, Ricochet soon found her true calling in surfing. As a result, she became a SURFice dog — helping others through her unique and natural talent by raising money for charitable causes. Ricochet now assists kids with special needs, persons with disabilities, and wounded veterans. Here, she surfed in tandem with Patrick, a 15 year-old quadriplegic surfer.

ricochet patrick
If I lived in California, this is the kind of dog I’d want representing my state! To learn about Ricochet’s awesome efforts, you can read more here, check out her website, and surf (ha! get it?) her Facebook page.


Current state dog: The Great Dane

great dane
Pennsylvania’s current state dog, the Great Dane.

Pennsylvania officially made the Great Dane its state dog in 1965. This breed is as lovable as it is large — these dogs can grow as tall as 30 inches!

Recommended state dog: The Boxer

boxer dog use
Pennsylvania’s prospective (according to us) state dog: the Boxer.

Great Danes are great. That’s probably how they got their name. But the Boxer is ready to be a state dog. They’ve trained for this.

rocky training 1
They’re ready for prime time.

rocky running streets
And. You guys. They’re Boxers.

rocky boxing
Get it?? Their build, their name, and their fighting spirit embody everything that is one of the greatest movies (um, ROCKY), set in one of the greatest cities (Philadelphia, PA).

I mean, this dog is just ready to go.

boxer boxer
If the Boxer were to become Pennsylvania’s state dog, they’d be so excited. They’d be like:

happy collage
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But if the Boxer doesn’t get named state dog, they’ll be like:

sad collage
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And that would be sad. So let’s all do the right thing, shall we?


Current state dog: Boston Terrier

Massachusett's current state dog, the Boston Terrier.

Massachusetts’ current state dog, the Boston Terrier.

Developed around 1870, the Boston Terrier represents a cross between an English Bulldog and an English Terrier. It was officially named Massachusetts’ state dog in 1979 and continues to be a popular pure-bred option today.

Recommended state dog: St. Bernard

st bernard

Massachusetts’ prospective (according to us) state dog, the St. Bernard.

Look, we have nothing against Boston Terriers. They’re always cute. They’re often fashionable. And they’ve even got the state capital in their name! But folks, I have two words for Massachusetts: booze and snow.

This guy knows what I'm talking about.

This guy knows what I’m talking about.

Boston is, paws-down, one of the best cities to drink in (if not the best), and we feel that the state dog should embrace the capital’s time-honored tradition. And who better than a St. Bernard, who, according to iconic paintings and monk myth, would revive injured travelers in the Alps by bringing them barrels of brandy (which they smartly fastened around their necks)?

St. Bernards have been helping people get home from a rough night for hundreds of years.

St. Bernards have been helping people get home from rough nights for hundreds of years, as seen in Edwin Landseer’s famous 1820 painting. We think the transition from the Alps to modern-day Boston would be a smooth one.

Massachusetts is also host to some of the toughest winters we see each year. Here’s a fun photo from their “winter wonderland” last year.

I bet these people wish they could ride an epic St. Bernard to work instead of crunch through that shit.

Wouldn’t it be nice to ride an epic St. Bernard to work instead of crunch through that shit?

St. Bernards love snow. They’re well-equipped for the state’s oppressive cold season. Trust us.

So when you live in Massachusetts, and you come home after a long, snowy day, and all you want is a drink and a pal, who are you going to call? Your friendly drinking buddy/state dog, the dependable St. Bernard, who will keep you warm with a barrel of beer, a warm hug, and all of his love (and body weight).

Featured image via BarkPost