6 Important Reasons Why You Should Brush Your Pup Regularly

6 Important Reasons Why You Should Brush Your Pup Regularly

This Pup Parenting Guide is brought to you by Wahl Pet, the fastest-growing pet grooming brand committed to developing all-natural products for a healthy, happy dog!

Nobody is more familiar with the importance of regularly brushing your dog than the pup ruvers at Wahl Pet. Their job is to provide pup parents with everything they need to keep their dogs looking good and feeling great. Here are 6 reasons why a good brushing session is so essential to your dog’s health and well being.

Brushing Removes Loose Hair

We dog parents just love spending our weekends vacuuming up puppy sized hairballs – NOT. While routine brushing won’t stop your dog from shedding, it will help to remove loose hair before it shows up in your bed – or your yogurt.


Brushing Prevents And Removes Mats

Matted hair is painful, unhygienic and can lead to irritations and skin infections. If your pooch has a hair coat that is prone to mats, regular brushing can remove them before they get too serious and prevent new ones from forming.
Brushing Lets You Monitor Your Pal’s Skin

Responsible parents routinely examine their pups for lumps, bumps, spots, blotches, fleas and ticks. This can be challenging if your dog has a thick or dark coat. Brushing allows you to separate the hair one area at a time and spot potential problems.
Brushing Stimulates Healthy Oil Production

A thorough brushing session aerates and hydrates your BFF’s skin and fur. Each stroke of the brush stimulates circulation and distributes natural oils throughout. If you want your dog’s coat to shine with silky vitality, regular brushing is a must!
Brushing Promotes Bonding

When your dog’s skin and coat are strong and healthy, a good brushing feels like a relaxing massage. Many dogs come running when they see their brush. Not just because it feels great, but also because it means one on one time with their favorite human – you! Brushing provides an excellent opportunity for the two of you to spend quality time together bonding and building trust.
Brushing Keeps Your Pup Looking Sharp

Even dogs like to look their best. A good looking coat is a healthy coat, and a healthy coat is a comfortable coat. So when your pup is looking fly, chances are he’s feeling pretty fly, too!
The pros at Wahl Pet have tons of tips, tricks and helpful facts on establishing a healthy brushing routine with your pooch so make sure you check it out!

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