Source: Puppia eStore
The Puppia soft harness (starts at $15) is a comfortable classic that comes in many sizes and colors.
Source: Ruffwear
Ruffwear's Web Master Harness ($59.99) helps elderly pups and dogs with mobility challenges to go about their daily activities, and help humans who might otherwise have to lift them!
Source: Baxter Boo
The American River Ultra Choke-free Harness (Starts at $20) won't pull on pup's throat and injure the trachea. Extra padding and easy step-in make walk prep easy.
Source: Gooby
The Gooby Gooby Choke Free Comfort X Soft Dog Harness (Starts at $18.49) features a unique "x" design that moves with your pup.
Source: My Canine Kids
The Step Easy harness from My Canine Kids ($30) has many eye-catching options!
Source: DesertCart
The Comfort Fit Pets harness (Starts at $19.76) has both inner and outer cushioning for maximum comfort.
Source: Blueberry Pet
Blueberry Pet’s Summer Hope 3M Reflective No Pull Neoprene Padded Dog Harness ($27.99) is padded and designed so pups won’t pull, reducing friction that may cause blisters.
Source: BingPet
The classic soft vest harness from BingPet is affordable (starts at $6!) and no-fuss.
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8 Comfortable Harnesses That Won’t Rub Your Pup’s Skin Raw

Harnesses are important for small dogs, energetic pullers, and the humans who love them. Much like a human breaking in a new pair of shoes, several factors may contribute to harnesses creating sores or blisters on dogs. Short hair, exposed skin, extended wear, and the weather are all potential culprits. Try these super comfy harnesses to help avoid any problems!

Featured image via Golly Gear