7 Essentials You Need To Throw A Dog-Themed New Year’s Eve Party

7 Essentials You Need To Throw A Dog-Themed New Year’s Eve Party

New Year’s Eve is almost here! Out with the old 2015 and in with the shiny, barking new 2016! A night full of glitter, champagne, bow ties, balloons, midnight kisses, and singing that one song that NO ONE really understands. (What does “Auld Lang Syne” mean anyway? Anyone? Bueller?? )

So if you are throwing an end of the year bash for your family and friends, why not get your pooch involved and have a Dog Themed New Year’s Eve Pawty!

happy new year dog morgann90baby

The Guest List – One of the most important parts of planning any party is to consider the crowd. Who should I invite? Friends? Family? Celebrities? DOG Celebrities??!

dogwriter nazia1505

Invite each of your Hooman guests to BYOD (Bring Your Own Dog), or turn the tables and address the invitations to the Dog of the House and ask them to BYOH (Bring Your Own Hooman !

The Invitations
– Nothing quite sets the tone for a pawty like a well designed invitation. Want your NYE Pawty to be fancy? Casual? Fancily Casual? Sniff around the Net for that perfect Pup-inspired invitation! Check out this pawesome option on

Invitation @Cherie Bosla Weimaraner

Or if you feel a case of DIY coming on strong, consider using your fave dog pic and designing yourself! & both have inexpensive and user-friendly options that will let your creativity sparkle!

The Dress Code – The next part of your pawty to consider is the Dress Code. Ask yourself this very important question, “How do I want my crew to look when they post their selfies on social media?”

dogintuxedos hoppy_Bear

Is black tie too formal? Are PJs too casual? How about a Country Western themed NYE, or maybe a throw back 70s vibe? Whatever you choose for your dress code, make sure all pet parents include their pups in the dress up fun! Maybe even offer a prize for the most festive look!?

The Decorations – Everyone knows the 5 standards of NYE decorations: Black & White Stuff, Confetti, Paper Hats and Horns you will immediately throw away, Sparkly Things, and Balloons.

dog balloons hels_bels_p

Here are a few suggestions for some Dogcentric Decor!

Set the stage for a classy night by setting your table, starting with this Barktastic Table Cloth!


Blow up your Pawty with these Paw Print Balloons!


When the ball drops at midnight, make it rain… with Dog Bone Confetti, that is!


The Food – It’s not a great party, unless there is great food! Here are some howl-worthy snack options to keep your guests, both hooman & furman, drooling all night long!

Hot Dog Buffet – Hot dogs, check. Buns, check. Mustard, Ketchup, Relish & Diced Onions, check! This build-it-yourself Hot Dawg Station will keep all your guests coming back for more. No fork required!

hotdog buffet chaseharrison720

Have a sweet tooth that needs satisfying? How about some Puppy Chow!

puppychow lady_getz

This sweet snack combines chocolate, peanut butter, rice crackers & powdered sugar. Serve in a dog bowl for an extra treat!

The Drinks – Now that your Pup-themed Menu is all set, its time to think about the drinks!

champagne dog @ malapomerania

Nothing says New Years Eve like champagne, of course, but there are many other dog-inspired libations that will help jazz up your soiree. Look up full recipes on your favorite boozetending website, but here are some sniffs of our favorites!

The Salty Dog – Vodka, Grapefruit & Salt

The Bulldog– Cherry Brandy, Gin & Lime

The French Bulldog – Gin, Edlerflower Syrup, Simple Syrup, Creme de Cassis, Sage Leaves

The Bloodhoung– Gin, Dry Vermouth, Sweet Vermouth, Stawberry Puree

Serve all Adult Hooman beverages in a martini glass, a rocks glass, or in a dog bowl!

Oh, and if you are feeling a bit Ruff on January 1st? How about a little Hair of the Dog – Vodka, Lemon Juice, Tabasco Sauce, Slice of Chili Pepper

The Music – Is DJ Dawg Bonez in the house?

dogdj rafaelshino

Whether you have music playing in the background while your 2 and 4 -legged guests mingle, or are prepared to put on your own Soul Train Awards, make sure you have the perfect pup-friendly playlist selected for the big night! Here are a few howl-worthy tunes, guaranteed to get all your dawgs barking!

The Big Kiss – The Ball is dropping. The countdown is almost over…4…3…2… but WAIT! Who will YOU be kissing at midnight?

dogskissing @dogstolovepics

First, make sure there are no teeth involved in the kiss. (Potential OUCH!) Secondly, make sure you select a Hooman or Dawg you know fairly well. (No desperate decisions here please!) Last, and certainly not least, enjoy the first moments of the New Year with your special someone!

Happy 2016 Everyone!!! Now time to rest up and get motivated for those 2016 Resolutions that will last for about 4 days….

sleepingdog @minnie.miney

Featured Image via @undercuver_stewart_20