8 Simple Life Hacks You Can Do With The BarkClip

8 Simple Life Hacks You Can Do With The BarkClip

Here at Bark & Co, we ruv pups so much that we want them to be incorporated in every aspect of our lives, including office supplies. Because of this, we tried to create the most amazing paperclip EVER



There were many versions of The BarkClip before we settled on the pawfect one…


But when we knew, we knew. : )


But the thing is, The BarkClip is MORE than just a paperclip. Below are 8 crazy ways you can use The BarkClip in addition to puppifying all the papers piled on your desk.

8 Ways to Use the BarkClip:
1. As a bag clip

You may not like brussel sprouts, but our BarkClip does.


2. As a fancy hem holder

Sure, you can use a boring safety pin or the traditional needle and thread, but why do that when you can subtly show off your inner crazy dog lover?


3. As the cutest bookmark ever

For those of us who still love the experience of cracking open a book and flipping through the pages, the BarkClip will never let you forget your place.


4. As a money clip

Because your money needs a guard dog, too.


5: As a tie clip

The most understanded and gentlemanly way to dogify your wardrobe.


6. As a hair clip

BarkClips come to the rescue on bad hair days! You’ll never use a boring bobby pin again.


7. As a zipper pull.

Sometimes zippers can be a pain in the pup, BarkClip makes them cute.


8. And best of all– as a necklace pendant!

Why go to Etsy in search of the perfect dog jewelry? You can DIY one on the cheap with BarkClip!


Easy instructions on how to add the BarkClip to a necklace:


Stuff them in stockings, gift them to your boss, give them to all your pup-ruvin’ friends! But get ’em quick. Last time we sold the BarkClips they sold out SUPER fast and we’ve only got a limited quantity!



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