9 Pups With Marvelous Ideas for Date Night With Their Human

9 Pups With Marvelous Ideas for Date Night With Their Human

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My sweet lil pup, Audrey, sticks to me like glue, and honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m lucky that I can take her to work here at the BarkPost pawffice for much-needed brainstorm sessions. (She looks like she’s sleeping, but it’s part of her process.)


But the world would be a better place if I could take her to hang out with me anywhere I wanted to go. I might not be able take her out on the town, but luckily, I can bring a doggie date night to her! I order with Seamless, and just like that, I’ve got more time to have quality time with my favorite fuzzbutt!

It seems like I’m not the only human who’s figured out the solution to more QT with my puppy. These 9 pups are pretty darn pleased to have their moms and dads stay in for a Doggie Date Night!

1. “The perfect Doggie Date Night! Thank Dog my human ordered Seamless, now I get prime spot on the big bed and ultimate power of the remotes!” #sheistoobusystuffingherface


2. “Thank dog my parents ordered in tonight so we can catch up on some SNL!”


3. “Mahwm ordered Seamless so we had more time for family game night.” #DoggieDateNight


4. “Ordering delivery and watching Netflix while cuddling in a fluffy comforter with lots of pillows is the perfect Doggie Date Night for us! What about you?!”


5. “I love it when the folks have dinner delivered, it leaves more room for family time on game night… Fierce game of scrabble happening right now, winner plays against mom.”


6. “We bought the wine, we’re ordering in Seamless – looking forward to a fun night with the hoomans!”


7. “Mom… I’m glad you decided to stay home and have a Doggie Date Night with me! Oh, and don’t worry… Go ahead and order your food! I’ve already eaten cause the Knicks are playing tonight, and I can’t have any food less than 2 hours before the tip off! Ya know… The way they are playing this season can make anyone feel nauseated!”


8. “Master plan: We let all of the food in our fridge spoil, so the humans would order delivery from our favorite Seamless restaurant and we could have a date night!”

9. “Come snuggle! I’m glad my peeps ordered in tonight, now I can watch TV with them all night.”


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This post is s-paw-nsored by our dog-ruvin’ pals at Seamless!