#DestroyersClub & 14 Other Hashtags To Get Your Dog Featured On BarkPost

#DestroyersClub & 14 Other Hashtags To Get Your Dog Featured On BarkPost

As one of the crazy dog people behind the @BarkPost Instagram account, I spend a lot of time looking at strangers’ dogs on the internet. It’s impossible to decide which ones to post, because every dog is the best dog. So we created this hashtag guide, so you can see what we’re doing, but more importantly so WE can see what your dogs are doing. (That also sounded less creepy in my head)

Here are some fun hashtags that #DogPeople of all types can enjoy.

1. #BarkPost. It sounds pawbvious, but the best way to get us to see your pup is to tag us & use our hashtag.

2. #DogPeople: We use this for any and all things that embody the dog person identity.

3.#DogBios is one of my favorite new hashtags. We take a dog, and then imagine the human that they would be. Like Carol.


Or Nancy.

And Sharon. We all know a Sharon.

4. #DogDictionary is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Got a weird word that you’ve made up for your dog? Let us know using #DogDictionary!

This is painted on the walls of our pawffice. It’s also a t-shirt, which is pretty schweet.

5. #PawkwardMoments is when we project our awkward lives onto our dogs. And by we I mean me. But you can totally do it too…

6. #HowIsThatComfortable is a question we find ourselves wondering more often than not.
Seriously, sometimes I just do not understand how dogs can fall asleep the way they do. It’s truly fascinating. @suavegustav

7. My personal favorite hashtag, #ShowMeYourDingus, which I use to find candidates for our weekly series, Dingus Of The Week. Don’t be shy. Send us your derps.
If you’re not sure what a dingus is, here’s a handy #DogDictionary definition.

Words to live by.

8. #BarkAfterDark: Inspired by the nightly series of inappropriate dog humor. Anything that you’re like “Mmm maybe I shouldn’t show this to my boss.” Unless you work at BarkPost.
Such as a poodle humping montage…

9. This is a new one, but already one of our favorites. BarkGood launched #PitBullFridays. So every week we want you to upload a picture of your Pit Bull with a short anecdote about how they came into your life using the hashtag #ShowUsYourPitties


10. #CrazyDogLady is not a gender thing. It’s an identity thing.


It is a badge of honor here at BarkPost. Wear it well.

11. #DogLogic: Sometimes dogs do things that make absolutely zero sense to us, but only because we are human. In reality, they are just using #DogLogic. And who are we to say that our human logic is better?


12. #DogPeopleTexts: This is a real text from my mom telling me about her dog crush. You know, normal stuff. (I don’t keep her in my phone as mom because I don’t know why)

13. #DestroyersClub: Some dogs were born to play. Others were born to destroy. BarkShop actually has a special collection for dogs who are professional destroyers, such as Pimm. Show us your destruction on Instagram using the #DestroyersClub hashtag.
14. #DogPuberty: Life is full of awkwardness, but especially during puberty. Now that we’re adults, let’s have a laugh about it using #DogPuberty
15. #CongratulationsYoureADogPerson. It’s an honor.

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Featured image via @bertiebarks