20 Gorgeous And Stress-Relieving Adult Coloring Books For Dog People

20 Gorgeous And Stress-Relieving Adult Coloring Books For Dog People

Decreased stress, improved mood, less physical tension, better focus, and more organized thought processes. No, we’re not talking about meditation. We’re talking about the zen-efits of adult coloring books!

I already feel more chilled out just looking at this.

I already feel more chilled out just looking at this.

The stress-reducing effects of art therapy have been known for some time in children, but now there are many adult-friendly options that offer the same results. Since they’re ALL the rage right now, we rounded up some of the best adult coloring books that feature dogs to help you, dear pup lover, practice mindfulness and have some fun! Like this guy.


1. Flat Faced Friends

For all you Pug and French Bulldog lovers out there, we’ve got the perfect thing for you: a coloring book full of flat-faced furry friends. Color all your favorite dogs with this beautifully designed collection.


2. Doodle Dogs Vol. 1

These full-page portraits of dogs are ready and waiting to have some color added to them. Bring Chihuahuas, Pugs, and Bulldogs to life with this coloring book!


3. Doodle Dogs Vol. 2

With over 30 different dog designs to help you de-stress, you’re sure to get lost in thought coloring this Doodle Dogs book.


4. Dog Lover

The name says it all! Dog lovers unite with this amazing, beautifully-wrought and top-rated adult coloring book!


5. Doggie Styles

How about dogs in clothes? This fashionable contribution lets you decide what color to add to a pup’s outfit.


6. Favorite Dogs

You’re sure to find your favorite dog in this one! Some of the most popular breeds are featured in here, including Pointers, Retrievers, and Labradors.


7. Dogs: Stained Glass Coloring Book

The fun doesn’t stop with this coloring book — when you’re finished with a page, you can tear it out and hold it up to a window to produce a stained-glass effect!


8. DOGS: Adult Coloring Book

In this advanced edition, you can reproduce realistic-looking dogs to make the pages really come to life!


9. WOLF 

Perhaps you prefer coloring the dog’s relative, the Wolf. No problem — there’s a book for that, too!


10. Dogs and Doodles Vol. 1

Love dogs and Doodles? This book might be for you. With intricate patterns to shade in however you like, you’ll have these pages filled in no time!


11. DOGS Adult Coloring Vol. 5

With calming patterns, detailed designs, and intricate lines, this collection is sure to help you reduce stress.


12. Raining Cats & Dogs

If you’re looking to mix it up, consider a coloring book with dogs AND cats! Who says dog people can’t be cat people, too? Find out with this option.


13. The Art of Pibble: A Pibble Lover’s Coloing Book

Great for Pit Bull owners and lovers alike, this is a great way to show the world how wonderful this breed can be — with brightly colored flowers and clouds no less!


14. Whimsical Dogs

Life is short. Color outside the lines! With this whimsical coloring book, you can really let your inner child go crazy.

Whimsical-Dogs-400x500 (1)

15. Doodling for Dog People

Get your creative juices flowing by doodling on a few of these cute pages designed especially for dog people.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 1.37.30 PM

16. The Ultimate Dog Lovers Colouring Book

You won’t have to worry about getting bored with these 50 inspiring illustrations for the “ultimate dog lover.”


17. Lovely Dogs

These lovely dogs are waiting for you to shade them in! Bonus: you’re making art for your wall!

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18. Dogs

To paint or to color? That is the question that this book offers up. That’s right — it’s a painting book AS WELL AS a coloring book, so you’ll have to make some very difficult choices.


19. DOGS Color By Number

Anyone remember color by number coloring books?! Yessssss. Well, now there’s an adult version that lets you color-by-number your way to completing realistic portraits of popular pup breeds.


20. Dogs: Breeds & Bits of History

Why not learn a little while you’re doodling away? With this coloring book, you can read about the breed while shading them in!


Whoa. That was a lot of coloring books. But we’re better off for it! With so many options, it’s no surprise adult coloring books have become such a trend. So pour yourself a glass of wine, get the crayolas ready, and color your stress away. Hey, maybe your pup will want to lend a paw!


Featured image via Gemma Correll/Amazon