10 Things You’ll Definitely Find In A Doting Dog Parent’s Home

10 Things You’ll Definitely Find In A Doting Dog Parent’s Home

This article is part of our BarkPost Home vertical, The Dogified Home, full of tips, tricks, product suggestions and styling ideas for creative ways to show off your dog love in your home schweet home.

When you walk into a person’s home, you KNOW that they are bone-ified dog people. From the way the home smells to the dog toys strewn around, there are some dead giveaways. Besides the dog/s of course.

Here are some things that you will most definitely find in a dog person’s home. Give or take.


1. The Dog Bed

Your dog deserves to sleep in the lap of luxury, even if more often than not that is either your actual lap or your bed. Looking for a second bed for your royal woofness? You can find a wide selection of ’em here.

Big Dog Bed

2. The Bone

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve tripped on, stepped on, hurt my foot on my dog’s bone just lying around. No matter how many times you put it away it always seems to find its way back to the floor. If you’d like to see more bones on the floor you can get them here.

Big Bone

3. Doggie Blanket

While your dog probably gets a majority of cuddles and snuggles from you, all dogs have their own go-to blankies for comfort when you’re not around. If the one your dog has now is starting to, uhhh… smell, we suggest picking up one of these cozy babies.

Now, about the fur that coats every surface in your home. Dog fur is like the herpes of the dog world. You will never be rid of it. But, for temporarily relief, you can try these tricks.

Clumps of fur dog blanket

4. Dog Booties

I don’t know about you but in our house the booties are neatly laid out right next to our shoes. Plus, dogs in booties are just so darn caaaah-yooooot! Do your pup’s old ones have holes in them? Get brand spankin’ new ones here.

Dog Booties

5. Treat Jars

Well, how else do we spoil our pups with love and delicious food? Of course our homes have got jars and jars of scrumptious, drooly treats. If you need more jars to store all the goodies you get for your dog, you can shop for them here.

Jar of treats

6. Leashes and Coat

Multiple leashes are just a thing in our homes. Maybe it’s cause we like using it as a way to show off our dog’s style or because it serves different purposes (hiking, short leash for the city etc.) Find an array of leashes to serve your pup’s every need here.

No matter where we live we’ve definitely got a coat or a sweater of some sort to warm our cuties up on a chilly day or to keep them protected from the rain. You can find a variety of dapper coats and snuggly sweaters here.

Hooks For Leashes

7. Water and Food Bowls

Almost all of us have a dog who does a little jig when it’s FOOD time! It’s one of those little daily things that bring us pup parents instant joy. Why not brighten up their dining corner with beautiful dishes?

Water and food bowls

8. A Big Ol’ Pile of Dog Toys

How else do they stay busy? They deserve all the toys in the world because they are just so doggone perfect. Spoil them with plushies, brain teasers, and other whimsical knick-knacks.

Mountain of dog toys

9. Dog Crate

Hey, every one needs their space. There’s a reason why the man cave is a thing. Crates are our dogs’ safe haven. It’s where they can get their alone time when they need it. Pretty up your current crate with these patterned crate covers.

Dog Crate

10. Framed Photos of Our Dog

No home, I repeat no dog person’s home is complete without photos of our dogs scattered around. They are in our hearts, in our minds and in our homes through and through, because this is our yappily ever after. 🙂

Framed photos of dog

Concept illustrated by Jordan Sondler for BarkPost