7 Masterpieces Made Even Better With Dogs

7 Masterpieces Made Even Better With Dogs

Art!  Yeah!  Most everyone loves the stuff, and I made a resolution this year to appreciate the stuff more.  In an effort to do so, I figured that a good approach would be to combine it with something that I love: dogs.  I submit, dear reader, for your approval, a selection of famous works of art, now with 100 percent more dogs.
1. The Venus de Fido
First up in the Musée de L’art du Chien (French, right?  So it must be classy!) is a classic beauty.  Please stay behind the velvet ropes.


2. Da Vinci’s Last Supper with Guest
I know that I can’t eat without my dog begging for some scraps.  Take that, Dan Brown!

3. Mona Lisa with Friend
Perhaps the most famous smile in the world.  But what was she smiling about?  I’ll tell you what – puppy.


4. David and Goliath
I think we may have gotten the story wrong.  In my version, Goliath is his loyal pooch pal, and it is not a sling he carries but a ChuckIt.  Art in the dog park is the new renaissance.


5. Van Gogh – Self Portrait with Bandaged Ear and Coned Dog
Done after a visit to the vet.  So sad.  When my pup isn’t feeling good, I get a little depressed, too.


6. Andy Warhol’s Lassie series
Warhol was known for his portraits of icon figures.  Well, no one was more famous than Lassie (except perhaps Rin Tin Tin, but let’s not start that debate here).  This one is a complete no-brainer.


7. The Howl
Edvard Munch, you wacky genius.  This piece captures the primal essence of the emotional state of its subject, conveying both passion and loneliness.



So, there you have it!  I for one, think there need to be more dogs in art, and I’m not just talking about the poker-playing kind.  With this, I do believe I can check that whole “get more culture” thing off my resolution list.

Let me know what you think below and if there are any other pieces that deserve the dog treatment.  Who knows?  I may just have to whip them up in a future post.