This Aspiring Dog Model Just Changed Job Hunting Forever With His Hilarious Video Resume

This Aspiring Dog Model Just Changed Job Hunting Forever With His Hilarious Video Resume

Applying for jobs is one of the more annoying things about adulthood (other than bills, stretch marks, and dating). Much like dating, job searches are awkward, misleading, and you just want to hear those magical three words: “You are hired.”

youre hired i know

That’s why we’ve brought you Brick, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi/aspiring model whose innovative video resume cuts through the clutter and presents an impressive portrait of a pup ready for the professional world. It’s crisp, clean, and cute AF.

brick 1

Take a look at the gif-worthy highlights from Brick’s video resume, and then view it for yourself/your job search/YOUR FUTURE EMPLOYMENT DEPENDS ON IT IT’S THAT GOOD.

Contact: [email protected]
Instagram: @brickthecorgi

Current Job: Laying On This Bed

brick licking_laying

My hours are demanding and fall well outside the typical 9 to 5 crunch, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love the rush of a plush bed.


~ Rolling on the bed ~
brick laying and rolling

~ Laying on pillows ~

brick pillows

I’m committed to further developing this skill and will not be deterred by my parents’ dislike of “gross paws on pillows.” I’m a hard-working, dedicated individual. That’s just the kind of dog I am.

~ Working with others* ~

brick licking stuffed animal

*As long as they’re not stuffed animals or other dogs.

brick fighting stuffed animal


~ Modeling ~

brick modeling corgi collage

Height: 1 feet, 0 inches
Weight: 30 pounds
Measurements: 21 inches

~ Portfolio-ing ~

My full reel of photographs and videos can be found on my Instagram, @brickthecorgi. I hope you enjoy my modeling work as much as I do!

I am excited to discuss my qualifications with you. I am available over email at your convenience at [email protected]. I look forward to connecting with you!

brick connect on linkedin wave

Watch the full video resume here and then IMMEDIATELY go update your LinkedIn.

Featured image & H/t @TIM/STEPH/YouTube