13 Dog-Inspired Back-To-School Items For Your Pup Lovin’ Kids

13 Dog-Inspired Back-To-School Items For Your Pup Lovin’ Kids

Pawrents, it’s that time of year! It’s time to send the kids back to school! Are your little students dog-lovers? Do they want doggy-centric items as part of their bark-to-school wardrobe and set of supplies? Look no further! We’ve compiled a pupceptional shopping list just for you! 🙂

1. Dachshunds and Dots Fabric Pencil Case, $14.00

This fun zippered pouch will help even the most disorganized student stay compartmentalized!

Dachshunds and Dots Fabric Pencil Case

2. Argyle Scottie Dog Backpack, $98.00

This sweet backpack is equal parts fashion and function!

Argyle Scottie Dog Backpack

3. Short Sleeve Puppy Sweatshirt, $14.44

This soft and comfortable sweater will add a little funk to your student’s back to school wardrobe.

Girls' Short Sleeve Puppy Sweatshirt

4. Puppy Dog Alarm Clock, $14.49

No more lazy summer mornings! It’s time to wake up early again! Make morning a little easier with this adorable alarm clock.

My Dog Is My Alarm Clock

5. Bulldog Wall Clock, $31.95

Learning how to tell time (and budget it!) is a valuable school lesson. Make learning fun with this colorful wall clock.

Bulldog Wall Clock

6. Dog Homework Journal, $5.90

No student will be able to use the excuse, “The dog ate my homework!” if all assignments are written down in this journal!

Dog Homework Journal

7. Spectacle Pup T-shirt, $22.00

It might be time to put on those specs and get serious but nothing says that clothing can’t still be groovy!

Spectacle Pup T-shirt

8. Dog-Themed Eyeglass Case, $11.70

Speaking of specs, make sure your child’s glasses are always safe and don’t get scratched in a backpack. A dog-themed eyeglass case is perfect!

Dog-Themed Eyeglass Case

9. Personalized Lunch Bag, $19.20

Not only is this bag perfect for dog lovers but it’s personalized so your child will be able to tell it apart from the other kids’ lunches!

Personalized Lunch Bag

10. Personalized Name Labels, $7.00+

Prevent belongings from getting lost with personalized labels. You can stick these on school items such as notebooks, books and electronics!

Personalized Name Labels

11. Dog-Themed Key Ring, $10.00

If your student will be letting herself into the house after school, why not dogify her key ring?

Dog-Themed Key Ring

12. Dog Bookmark, $9.75

The start of school means regular reading assignments. Accessorize books with a cute dog bookmark!

Dog Bookmark

13. Dog Bag Tag, $6.95

Clip this dog bag tag onto your child’s backpack for identification purposes and for an extra bit of puppy personalization!

Dog Bag Tag