Welcome To The Wondrously Roly Poly World Of Pup Siblings Sunny And Rosy

Welcome To The Wondrously Roly Poly World Of Pup Siblings Sunny And Rosy

If you’re as obsessed with dog Instagram accounts as we are, you may have come across a few roly poly Pugs by the name of Sunny and Rosy. Their Instagram account, Bah Humpug, was created by their mom to celebrate this dynamic duo’s silly shenanigans. It wasn’t long before others fell in love with Sunny and Rosy — the account now boasts over 40k followers. You can see why.


BarkPost had the chance to sit down with Sunny and Rosy’s mom to learn more about the hilarious hijinks of these two adorable wrinkly-faces.

BarkPost: Sunny and Rosy are hilarious. Tell us the story of how they came into your life.

Bah Humpug: I’ve been obsessed with dogs, and especially Pugs, for most of my life. But I wasn’t able to have any of my own for a while because of school and then a job with crazy long and unpredictable hours. In 2010 I made a big location and job change and the first thing I did (even before I found a place to live) was look for my very own Pug. My sister found Sunny online.

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She was a six-year-old pug being retired from a breeder. Sunny is the sweetest, most stubborn dog I’ve ever known and I knew right away when I first met her that it was meant to be.

But Pugs are like potato chips — you can’t have just one. So two years later I stalked all the nearby rescues and shelters until I came across Rosy’s posting on PetFinder.

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I sent my long and detailed application and was thrilled to hear I’d been approved! Rosy was being surrendered by her then-owners because they’d had a baby and couldn’t handle the needs and demands of their two dogs. A few weeks and a six-hour roundtrip drive later, I had a tiny, adorable, and spastic Rosy with me, ready to bring hell onto Sunny’s quiet and peaceful life as a solo dog.

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BP: Did the two sisters automatically get along, or did it take some time?

BH: Ha! No. I was prepared for a transition period, but it was longer than I expected. Sunny’s pretty laid-back and chill, but Rosy’s really high energy and can be an annoying kid sister. Rosy likes to “attack” Sunny’s drumsticks and wings, chew on her ears, and so forth. But about six months later, I discovered them snuggling together for the first time.  Since then, they’ve been inseparable. Best frenemies.

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BP: We are obsessed with Sunny and Rosy’s fashion choices. How would you describe each of their personal styles? Where is your favorite place to shop for their awesome outfits?

BH: If Sunny and Rosy had a say in their personal styles, they would firmly advocate nudity. While they generally run around naked for the most part, they do have a decent-sized wardrobe. I really only wrangle them into outfits when it’s cold or to take cute photos. They’re not really formal dogs. We like to lounge in our comfy clothes for the most part, so it’s a lot of hoodies, sweaters, and pajamas. Sunny usually dresses in blue and Rosy in purple. Pugs have funny bodies for most dog clothing, but I’ve had some good luck with Etsy sellers because many of them can customize or make adjustments if requested.

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BP: What is your favorite weird habit that each of your pugs have?

BH: It’s so hard to pick just one! For Sunny, it would have to be her squeaking pug loaf. She makes such a perfectly formed pug loaf, tucking in all her legs. And she’s a very active dreamer (probably imagining herself chasing after the garbage truck she loves/hates) and so she’ll bark in her sleep, her little pug loaf body bouncing with the effort of each “woof.”

For Rosy, it’s probably her bizarre obsession with other dogs’ drumsticks and wings. Her absolute favorite, of course, are Sunny’s. And she makes these crazy dinosaur/dragon sounds when she’s attacking them.

BP: Tell us about your illustrations and how they relate to Sunny and Rosy. Have you ever considered actually publishing your Pugling Rivalry diary entries as a comic? We know we would buy that book ASAP.

BH: When I moved and switched jobs a few years ago, I finally had free time in the evenings and weekends. I decided to start drawing again. Soon, I found most of my drawings turning into illustrations of me and Sunny (and eventually Rosy). I enjoyed them so much, I couldn’t stop. Why draw anything else, when I can draw roly poly little Pugs doing ridiculous and cute things?

Watching Stories

Regarding publishing, I might have some good news to share in the near future. Hopefully I’ll be able to say more through my social media accounts soon!

BP: We’ve noticed many people are fanatics one one specific breed of dog. Were you always pug-obsessed? What do you love so much about the breed?

BH: I’ve always been dog obsessed, but my Pug obsession didn’t start until my teenage years. I fell in love with Pugs through the influence of my sister, a fellow Pug owner. We used to leave notes around the house for my mom explaining why Pugs were so great and why we should have one (she did eventually cave and we adopted our first Pug, Cookie). I love them because they are such little love bugs. They are extremely affectionate and loving and have the perfect balance of active and lazy for me. And look at their faces!

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BPWe noticed you are a fan of BarkBox. (Woo hoo!) Do Sunny and Rosy have favorite items that they’ve received in a BarkBox?

BH: Sunny and Rosy LOVE getting their BarkBox each month! It’s gotten to the point where they get excited for any delivery package because they automatically assume it’s for them. We really love the grain-free treats and the chews. And of course the classic plush toys.
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BP: Your Instagram account has almost 50,000 followers! How did that whole thing start, and how do other pet owners obtain a large following for their little cuties on social media?

BH: The main reason I started my Instagram account was to have an outlet for sharing my Pug photos. I’m a crazy Pug lady, but I’m cognizant of that and understand that many other people don’t really care for Pugs, or dogs in general. So I try to rein in the crazy so as to not bore friends and family with constant photos of Sunny and Rosy. It’s gotten to the point where many of my coworkers are often surprised to hear I have two dogs.

The pet accounts that I love and follow are the ones that regularly post great, genuine photos and captions. I follow people whose posts I enjoy seeing and I hope that’s why our followers follow our account!
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BPIs there anything else about your awesome Pugs that you’d like to share?

BH: If you love Pugs and are thinking about making one part of your family, I highly recommend adopting and checking out local rescues and shelters. There are breed-specific rescues, but there are often Pugs or Pug mixes in general rescues and shelters (that’s where I found Rosy) that are in need of good homes and will be forever grateful to their adoptive families. And senior Pugs are great! They’re the perfect mixture of sweet, lazy, and loving.

Many thanks to Bah Humpug for speaking with us… and for sharing her perfect Pugs with us. To find out more about Sunny and Rosy, check out their blog and Instagram!

Featured image via @funaek/Instagram