BarkBites: How To Transform Basic Hot Dog Weenies Into Awesome Blossoms

BarkBites: How To Transform Basic Hot Dog Weenies Into Awesome Blossoms

Welcome to BarkBites! Each week we’ll show you how to whip up a quick, easy, and delicious treat for your pooch. What are you waiting for?! Let’s get cookin’!

This week we teamed up with the fine folks over at Lucky Peach to bring you Wiener Blossoms fresh from their latest book The Wurst of Lucky Peach: A Treasury of Encased Meats, a beautifully presented sausage-themed smorgasbord of recipes and photographs.


Wiener Blossoms are a new spin on an old classic, we are giving the basic hot dog weenie a much needed makeover. What was once the boring bozo at the BBQ is now gonna have people doing double takes and saying things like, “Oh lordy lordy, get that wiener in my mouth, STAT.” Okay, maybe that’s not a direct quote, but you get the point.

Whachu’ Need:

– Hot Dogs
– Canola Oil
– Wok & Wire Strainer

Whachu’ Gonna Do:

– Prepare the wieners for blossoming: Cut the hot dogs in half, into 2 cocktail wiener–length sections.

hot dogs

– Next, slice from the flat, just-cut end of the halved dog down the middle, toward the round end, stopping just a tad more than halfway down. Rotate the wiener 90 degrees and slice again, again beginning at the flat side and ending halfway toward the round end. The idea is that you are scoring the wiener with a deep X, 2 perpendicular lines that intersect in the center of the wiener, creating 4 petals.


– Pour enough canola oil into a Dutch oven, wok, or heavy-bottomed pot to submerge the dogs opulently. Heat the oil to 360°F.

– Fry the wieners in batches by lowering them a few at a time into the oil. Remove with a wire strainer once the petals bloom outward (after about 30 seconds).


– Plate your blossoms with a dog-friendly side dish such as brown rice and veggies or top with a fried egg for a feast you and your dog will both enjoy!


Pick up your copy of The Wurst of Lucky Peach, available now!

Happy Cooking & See You Next Week!