Here’s How To Never Text A Cat Emoji To Your Friends Ever Again. EVER!

Here’s How To Never Text A Cat Emoji To Your Friends Ever Again. EVER!

Raise the WOOF, dog ruvers! Bark & Co. presents… BarkBoard! The wacky, pup-packed, dog-dominated, canine-centric new iOS keyboard for your phone! You know, to text your dog.

Just kidding. Although you and I both know we wish that were possible. This thing will welcome you into the next dimension of emojis — think DOODLES designed perfectly to reflect your emotions at any given moment, and they’re ALL pups. Because really, who decided that we needed 8 different cat faces and only one dog? It’s enough to tuck your tail in embarrassment, to be honest.

I know, I’m disgusted too.

disgusted dog

The best part (besides bringing a little extra ruff to your life) is that it’s easier to install than fetching a ball. To prove it to you, here’s a step by step breakdown:

First things first, you’ve gotta download the app from the App Store on your iPhone. You will see the icon on your home screen begin to download. To start using BarkBoard, go to your settings and click “general.” Then click “keyboard.”

steps 1&2 DONE

Next, select the BarkBoard keyboard and swipe the toggle button to allow full access.

steps 2&3

Look at you! You did it! Now you just need to start barkin’! — ahem — textin’, I mean. All you need to do is touch the little globe on your keyboard to toggle to BarkBoard, and viola! Oodles of doodles at your disposal.

Oh, and don’t forget to throw some shade at your friends, you’re cool enough to do that now.


What’d I tell ya? Easy, right? Now you’ll be more than ready to jump into the hypothetical pool of BarkBoard emojis and doggie-paddle your way into intelligent conversation. Texters of the world, UNITE! Woof! Be sure to get it here!

Featured Image via BarkBoard