What’s in the BarkBox: December 2012

What’s in the BarkBox: December 2012

Hello BarkBoxers,

Scout the office dog here. I hope that you and your pup are having a very merry holiday season, full of sugar plum fairies and unlimited treats. (You think humans should be the only ones to loosen their belts during this delicious season?) Bah humbug.

Lately I’ve been hearing some mutterings from my human coworkers who think I am being a bit of a scrooge. I
can’t help it if I get a bit cranky from all of my work to make the best BarkBox ever! It is my goal, (and duty) to make the BarkBox pups of the world happy. Forget Scrooge Scout– think Santa Scout.

Happy Pawlidays,
Santa Scout

december barkbox

1. Simply Fido
Our favorite Brooklyn-based, organic (and adorable) toy supplier is
back! Simply Fido has the best plush toys around and we fell in love
with their holiday moose. So snuggle up this holiday season, and
listen to the jolly sound of squeakers coming from your pups new

2. Fresh Dog
Oatmeal Shampoo from Fresh Dog will help clean, calm and soothe
your pooch – aromatherapy isn’t limited to just humans anymore! If
you’re sick of hopping in the tub with Fido, try out their Dry
Shampoo Powder. All the benefits of bathing with no water needed.

3. Puppy Cake
Is it a birthday or special occasion for your pup? Maybe you’ve just
got a killer sweet tooth! Check out this easy to make wheat-free red
velvet cake mix and frosting by Puppy Cake – it’s their brand new
flavor! Check them out for all of your special puppy occasions.

4. Bocce’s Bakery
Bocce‘s Bakery is our favorite NYC bakery for all natural treats for
your pup. The gourmet flavors and ingredients in the Holiday Feast
treats are sure to please! These treats are made with all natural
chicken, pumpkin, cranberries and cinnamon. They smell as great
as they taste!

december barkbox
(Same descriptions as above.) 🙂

♥And just a few photos of the BarkBox pups:

From Deana: “Lucy doesn’t chew up or tear apart toys, she sucks on them. She fell asleep while suckling on her moose :-)”

From Liv: “My 10 week old new puppy Rosie, a cardigan corgi, loves her brothers moose from December’s BarkBox! She cuddles with it every night. ♥”


From Sara and Hero