In Which a Bunch of Cute Dogs Come to a Pawty in SoHo

In Which a Bunch of Cute Dogs Come to a Pawty in SoHo

Last week the team here at Bark & Co. launched our new app, BarkBuddy, which is basically Tinder for adoptable dogs. (Find fluffy singles in your area! ;)) We are so humbled and prouder than a Labrador who’s demolished a bully stick that BarkBuddy has been written up in just about every website we read. Last night we had a huge pawty at the SoHo Grand dog park to celebrate. (No better reason to throw a party than helping pups find homes!)

There were many cool hoomans at the party, but the real guests of paw-nor were the pups.

BarkBuddy_launch_party-2 BarkBuddy_launch_party-3 BarkBuddy_launch_party-11 BarkBuddy_launch_party-9 BarkBuddy_launch_party-8 BarkBuddy_launch_party-7

Many famous pups came out to support the cause including Days of our Panda… (BarkBox office pup.)

Marnie the Dog
BarkBuddy_launch_party-4 BarkBuddy_launch_party-10 BarkBuddy_launch_party-12 BarkBuddy_launch_party-14 BarkBuddy_launch_party-15

And Hamilton Pug!

BarkBuddy_launch_party-17 BarkBuddy_launch_party-18 BarkBuddy_launch_party-19

And we can’t forget Simba and Wally the Welsh Corgi! <3 BarkBuddy_launch_party-20

HUUUgggeee thanks to everybody who came out– really means a lot. And the most special guest of all? Miss Lucy who was the first dog to ever get adopted through BarkBuddy! (Her dad helped build the app.) 🙂 If you or anyone you know is looking for a pup, be sure to check out BarkBuddy!