Make Your Dog Into A Meme With Just Your Phone And Free Time

Make Your Dog Into A Meme With Just Your Phone And Free Time

Since we started the BarkPost back in 2012, I’ve written a LOT of posts. I get excited to write most of them but THIS one I am outside-my-dog-lovin-mind stoked to make pup-lic. Pawficially, I’d like to announce that over the past few months the BarkPost has been working on a new photo app called BarkCam. ♥ ♥ ♥

barkcam photo app

Photo from @MikeDemers


Here at Bark&Co., we are all crazy dog people who spend an obscene amount of time taking pictures of the dogs around our office. Because of this, we know first-paw the difficulties of getting a dog to look at an iPhone camera and we made BarkCam to fix this!


BarkCam is an app designed for dog people and dog photography. First, the app helps you get your pup’s attention with wacky noises like cat yowls, doorbells, T-Rex roars, squeaky toys, and toot sounds. (Make sure you turn your volume all the way up!)

The app is especially good at capturing that rare, so-adorable-it-turns-your-knees-to-squoosh, confunded pup head tilt.


After you capture your pup, you can add dog-inspired filters, translate yips and woofs to text, and add stickers!


One of the stickers is actually a censorship bar for the brash dogs who don’t mind showing off their gentlemanparts or ladyparts.

dog censor

There’s also a meme-ification element for those dogs with big dreams to become the next Tuna.


Best part of all? It’s FREE in the App Store!


But don’t take our bark for it– go test it out yourself! For a chance to be featured on the BarkPost, email your BarkCam pics to [email protected] or use #BarkCam.


Photo from @Tdauld

Featured image via Barkley Sir Charles