7 Reasons Your Dog Won’t Want To Miss Out On This Summer’s BarkFest

7 Reasons Your Dog Won’t Want To Miss Out On This Summer’s BarkFest

Whenever I get invited to a free event that’s sure to be a hit, I often think, “I’m definitely going, but I don’t know what to wear!” Menswear Dog is here to help with some wardrobe suggestions, because there is no way our pups should miss out on the pawesome activities at BarkFest this year!

Prepare to be jealous of your dogs, because these are some of the cool things waiting for them at our 2nd Annual BarkFest!

1. Agility Course

We all know pups absolutely ruv to get those tails waggin’, and they’ll be able to do just that and more at our pawsome agility course! Or, if panting and breaking a sweat (mmm, Frito paws) is not your pup’s thing, they can watch other pups get their crawl, run, and jump on!

2. Splash Zone

A summer event isn’t complete without refreshments, and for your lucky pup (seriously, how lucky are our dogs), that means water fun like kiddie pools and a bobbing-for-treats game. Um, yes. Yes, please.

3. Food Trucks


The best thing about food trucks? There’s something for everyone! Speaking of, because this is a doggy-style event, there will even be a hot dog eating contest…for the pups! All of the hot dogs will be eating hot dogs, because we think that’s super appropriate (and obviously hilarious).

4. Beer Garden

Because we care as much about pup parents as we do their pups, there will be a beer garden where you can sit and peoplewatch with your dog while tossing back a cold brew.

5. Gif Photobooth

I’ve got to admit, I was pretty excited about the splash zone, but what really sold me on this event was the gif photobooth. Here’s a gif from our Puppy Prom photobooth.

Pretty darn cool, right? It takes the photobooth experience to a whole new level of adorbs!

6. Relaxation Zone

Let’s be honest here. All this activity is sure to tire out some pups (I’m looking at you especially, Pugs. I love those little burritos of inactivity.) So there will be a separate zone for you to relax in a comfy chair while your dog settles down in a cooling mat.

7. Dog-friendly Fireworks Display

Now this is truly something to get excited about. There will be the first-ever dog-friendly fireworks display! It’ll be great to enjoy a view of the fireworks without worrying your pooch will scamper off in fear. 🙂

Join us on July 19th and don’t forget to RSVPee! Tell all your friends about it and we’ll see you and your furry BFF there!

And of course, Menswear Dog himself will be at BarkFest snapping selfies with all his furry buddies and their humans! Get your well-dressed Shiba fix by following him on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.

Check out our first BarkFest here!

Featured image via @mensweardog