1. "I hope you brought a towel!"
2. "Can you tell I'm happy?"
3. "No, It's mine!"
4. "I got it!"
5. "I was not playing in the sand!"
6. "I love Frisbee!"
7. "This is pawesome!"
8. "Dunes are perfect to catch air."
9. "Come on! Keep up!"
10. "How high do you think I can go?"
11. "I think I got it."
12. "This is the happiest place on earth!"
13. "Darn water is slowing me down."
14. "Look what I found!"
15. "Watch that first step!"
16. "Look at me go!"
17. "I don't mind getting wet for fetch!"
18. "Look at me jump."
19. "I'm loving the fun in the sun!"
20. "More belly rubs please!"
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20 Sandy Dogs Who Are About That Beach Life

Cool waves, sand to make endless holes in, and seagulls to chase — the beach is a dog’s equivalent of paradise. Most pups are in doggie heaven when they get the chance to feel the wind in their fur and the sand under their paws at the beach. If they had a choice, most dogs would probably give up the city life for a life spent frolicking in the waves and taking lazy naps in hammocks.

Here are 20 beach bum dogs who were truly made to soak in the sun and enjoy the beach life.

Featured Image: @ @scarlettthebullterrier/Instagram