12 Beautiful Dog Beds That Will Instantly Enhance Your Home’s Decor

12 Beautiful Dog Beds That Will Instantly Enhance Your Home’s Decor

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If your dog had a bed like one of these, you’d probably never need to worry about them taking up space on your bed again.

1. Large Tufted Headboard Dog Bed

Okay, this bed looks even nicer than mine. Made from a recycled piece of a sectional couch, your dog won’t even be able to tell the difference from one found in a fancy upscale hotel.


2. Pallet Wood Dog Bed

Perfect for a rustic home. Adds a bit of charm to any living room!


3. Hubert Bed

Can you say luxury? These beds not only look great, but claim that your dog will be in heaven laying on them. Made out of 100% cotton with a moveable base pad, this gorgeous modern bed is also easy to maintain and clean. Makes for a happy dog and an even happier owner.


4. Upholstered Modern Dog Bed

This bed takes inspiration from the classic English wingback chair and is styled like a small dog sofa. Elegant and comfortable, this bed is available in grey, royal blue, and red.


5. Stars and Stripes Vintage Suitcase Bed

This bed was made to solve the age old problem of your four-legged friend choosing your bed over theirs. Especially designed to be raised off the ground so it doesn’t attract hair, fluff, dust, etc. Made with “people-style bedding and cushions” that can be made to match your own room’s decor. Definitely a one-of-a-kind bed.


6. The Berkley Oak Dog Bed

A raised wooden dog bed hand-made using English Oak. Finished by hand and waxed to bring out the rich, natural color and grain. The base is slatted and raised to allow for ventilation and easy cleaning. You’ll have to purchase the dog bed mattress separately. That’s how we humans like to buy beds, too.


7. Customizable Wool Felt Dog Bed 

The basket is made of a natural Bergschaf wool, which is softer in texture compared to a classic synthetic felt. The base is wooden and removable for cleaning. The pillow is padded with wool for natural insulation, and the outside is made with panama cotton. Luxury at its finest.


8. Designer Louis Dog Pet Bed

The maker asks, “Why should your princess sleep in an ordinary dog bed when you can have this chic elevated dog bed?” Made with a fancy headboard and lace detailing, your dog will definitely feel like royalty sleeping on this bed.

Dog Bed BD545M Bla Bla Bed Louis Dog Designer Pet Beds

9. Landen Bed

Another elegant bed from The Max Bone. Chic and trendy with large navy stripes, this bed will make any living room look upscale and classy.


10. World Map Dog Bed 

Perfect for the globe-trotting pup. Made out of 100% cotton, this bed serves as perfect spot to relax after a long day of play.


11. Marlon Denim Dog Bed

Can you say CUTE? The simple pattern on this bed makes for a super cute design.


12. Outdoor Dog Chaise Lounger

This outdoor dog bed has got more style than any piece of human furniture. Made especially to keep your dog shaded and cool while you’re enjoying some time together on the deck or poolside patio.