A teaser trailer for the live-action version of Disney's Beauty and the Beast is giving everyone goosebumps (listen to that music!) But the film isn't set for release until March 2017, and we need an outlet for all this excitement. BEHOLD: the unofficial canine cast for your favorite cartoon furniture.
Lumière. Suave, sophisticated, would probably have a French accent if he could talk. Hairstyle is on FIRE.
Cogsworth. Very little fun at parties, always knows what time it is. AHEM, dinnertime, that is. Waddling is main form of transportation.
Mrs. Potts. No-nonsense, but has a sweet side. Isn't afraid to step in and get dirty. Probably has a surprisingly beautiful singing voice.
Chip. Rambunctious, won't stay in the cupboard. Is always there to make people (and furniture) feel better.
Sultan. A.k.a. the footstool, technically an actual dog. Eager to be with people, constantly wants to make them happy and comfortable.
Fifi the Feather Duster. Has a thing for tall, thin guys. Preferably with candles for hands. Total flirt, but easily made jealous.
Maurice. Belle's father, a little harebrained. Has trouble keeping his white locks lying flat. Always thinks he has the best ideas, particularly when it comes to chasing squirrels.
Gaston. Knows what he wants and won't stop till he gets it. Has copious amounts of chest hair. Is frequently seen taking books, I mean balls, out of people's hands.
Le Fou. Gaston's loyal sidekick. Is only a little smarter than he looks. Surprisingly determined and mischievous for his size.
The Beast. Has a thing for flowers. Is somehow still handsome despite not being human. Wants desperately to be a gentleman, but doesn't know his own size.
Belle. Is somehow always able to attract birds. Pretty AND smart. Has very high standards for the man of her dreams. *cough* Prince. *cough*
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Watch the teaser trailer for the upcoming Beauty and the Beast below!

featured image via (top) @leothepeke/Instagram + Disney Wikia/Sultan, (bottom) @sacco_sorry/Instagram + Disney Wikia/Lumière