This Company Invented A Dog Beer And, Yes, They Call It “Bottom Sniffer”

This Company Invented A Dog Beer And, Yes, They Call It “Bottom Sniffer”

Summer is in full swing, and that means enjoying a drink at your favorite bar with your BFF. Thanks to UK Company Woof and Brew, it no longer matters whether your closest pal takes the form of a dog or a human — now either (or both) can join you for a cool drink.


Just last month, Woof and Brew released a beer for dogs called Bottom Sniffer, adding to their existing dog-friendly line of herbal teas and tonics.


We’ve heard a little about other dranks for dogs, but this one is purported to be a health tonic. So, while you enjoy your carbonated, hop-filled, burp-inducing alcoholic beverage, your canine friend will be lapping up a safe libation with nutritional value. Non-carbonated and non-alcoholic means your dog won’t be belching or making social faux pas tonight (though we can’t necessarily say the same for you after a couple beers).


Not only is Woof and Brew’s creation a delicious and healthy drink, but it also can increase your dog’s social standing. According to their website, your dog’s butt will smell even “better” than it already does to its fellow canines. This tasty tipple’s herbal ingredients are guaranteed to give your dog some real “tail swagger” that his peers will smell and appreciate.


As a heads up, your pup might feel the need to urinate after one of these — but that’s fine because, unlike us, dogs are allowed to do this sort of thing pretty much wherever. And just as you should enjoy your beverages responsibly, so too should your pup. Woof and Brew’s brew is a special doggy treat, so it’s best to limit this drink to just one a day.


For more information on Bottom Sniffer and Woof and Brew’s other awesome products, check out their website here. In the meantime, Bottom(s Sniffer) up!

Featured image via @scrappyscout/Instagram