The 14 Very Best Holiday Cards For Dog Lovers

The 14 Very Best Holiday Cards For Dog Lovers

Don’t worry dog lovers, we’ve got your season’s greetings covered…

1. For the pup parent who’s feeling seasonally sassy: Stick it to your brother-in-law while simultaneously spreading cheer.


Available at Paper Source, $4.95/card
2. Tis the season to put aside our differences and work together – even if the cat started it.


Available at Papyrus, $6.95/card
3. Can you really be a Wiener dog parent without appreciating a pawfectly crafted pun?

Available at Paper Source
4. Can’t decide between sass and puns? This derpy pug is serving up both!


Available at Love Pugs And Kisses on Etsy, $3.89/card
5. Vintage charm with a shot of glitter? Be still your Pinterest-lovin’ heart!


Available at Paper Source, $3.95/card
6. Dog + Mistletoe. BAM! Consider your Christmas crush wooed.

Available from Yellowfish Paperie on Etsy, $20/ set of 10
7. “Bark the hairy angels sing.” Couldn’t have said it any better ourselves.

pittie print
Available from Sent Well on Etsy, $3/card
8. If you somehow can’t manage to get your lab to sit still while slowly being poked by some weird pine needle collar, this card with gold foil and embossing is a sleek alternative. 😉


Available at Papyrus, $24.95/box of 10
9. This Doge Hanukkah card speaks for itself. To elaborate would only tarnish its majesty.


Available from Tiny Bee Cards on Etsy, $4.95/card
10. You might be tempted to keep one of these handmade handsome Scotties for yourself!


Available at Gemini Studio on Etsy, $12.99/ set of 6
11. For the party animals in your life. #CompanyHolidayPartyRegrets

Available from Greenwich Letterpress, $4.77/card
12. You had me at “Goldman Retriever”…

Available from, $2.51/ card
13. I’ve never had figgy pudding, but I’m willing to bet that it’s 1,000 times better when represented by a Pug.


Available at Efimerol on Etsy, $3/card
14. This bespectacled Frenchie card is cute enough on its own, but does double duty as a gift thanks to a tasty recipe for dog treats printed on the back. Pair this card with a creative packaging of the dry ingredients, and you’ve got pretty sweet present. You’re welcome, Yuletide procrastinators.

Available from Sent Well on Etsy, $3/card