Vote for Your Favorite Dog on the Internet!

Vote for Your Favorite Dog on the Internet!

After a month of nominations and what feels like a bajillion days of planning, we are SO stoked to announce that the BARKIES ARE LIVE!

dancing dog everyday im shuffling

We had thousands of nominations, more than we ever dreamed, and the competition was incredibly fierce. If you don’t see a pup you love or nominated, we selected all of the nominees based on who had the most nominations.

A few rules/clarifications:

1. Every pup/hooman/organization who wins the final Barkie will get $1000 to donate to the organization of their choice thanks to the wonderful folks at Beggin’. (YIP-PEE!) Every winning pup will also get featured on the BarkBox + BarkPost social channels.


2. “How many times can I vote?” You can vote once per day in every category!


3. Why do we have the email verification on voting? Gotta make sure there are no cheatin’ pups out there. That’s just not fun for anybody.

Sneaky dog via Wonderful Planet

Sneaky dog via Wonderful Planet

The schedule:

September 8th: Voting starts!
October 7th: Voting ends at the end of the day.
October 20: We announce the winners in a video hosted by Marnie the Dog! (Featured at the top of the page. :))

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Read below to explore each category and click on the dogs’ paw-files to make an informed decision!

Finalists for Best Dog on the Web:
Turbo Roo
Fifty the Two-Legged Pit Bull
Max and Minnie Pugs
Larry the Dog
Handsome Dan

Finalists for Best Dog on Instagram:
Digby Van Winkle
Barkley Sir Charles
The Pointer Brothers (@IfItWags)
Toast Meets World

Finalists for Best Dog on Facebook:
Chubbs the Wampug
Bocker Labradoodle
Journey of Nana
My Name is Lentil

Finalists for Best Dog on Youtube:
Maymo the Lemon Beagle
Jesse the Jack
Mishka the Talking Husky
Dancing Nathan
Dexter’s Ruff Life

Finalists for Best Dog on Vine:
Jax the Puppy
Sadie Tripawd
Steel the Husky
Rosie Pig
Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

Finalists for Best Dog Twitter:
Shiba Sommelier
Mikey the Brat
Hamilton Pug
Kenzi and Troy
Snooki Chihuahua

Finalists for Best Dog Photography:
Go Find Momo
The Fugee
The Dogist
That Golden Dog
Emwng (Kokoro and Chibi)

Finalists for Best Dog Website:
Pretty Fluffy
Text from Dog
Dog Milk
Menswear Dog
Stuff on Scout’s Head

Finalists for Dog Who Helped the Most Dogs:
Surf Dog Ricochet
Handsome Dan
Susie’s Senior Dogs
Chopper the Biker Dog
Bulletproof Sam

Finalists for Best Dog Product:
Bocce’s Bakery
Dog for Dog
Love Thy Beast
Rosie’s Barkery
Planet Dog
Your Dog’s Diner

Finalists for Best Dog Organization:
French Bulldog Rescue Network
Pets for Patriots
Beagle Freedom Project
Marley’s Mutts
Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love
Dogs on Deployment

Finalists for Best Dog-Lovin’ Hooman of the Year:
Rebecca Corry, Stand Up for Pits
Amanda Giese- Panda Paws Rescue
Eldad Hager- Hope for Paws
Zach Skow- Marley’s Mutts
Anthony Ungaro- Anthony’s Ride for Shelter Pets
Jennifer Smith- Noah’s Ark

Finalists for Most Effective Campaign to Help Dogs:
Huffington Post’s #PitBullWeek
Downtown Dog Rescue, Shelter Intervention
Pilots N Paws
SPCA of Wake County
Pinups for Pit Bulls

Finalists for Rising Pup on the Block:
Rucca the Silly Frenchie
Pennie the Poodle
Carter and Toby
Charlie the Minimutt
Monte the Maltese
Rio the Boston Terrier

Vote in each category once per day until October 7th! 🙂