In a series of stunning photos, Petrovic captures the beautiful bond shared by these best friends.
The photos tell a story of a friendship that will last forever.
A friendship that will stay strong through sunshine and rain.
The three share a love of adventure...
... as well as secrets only they know and understand.
Their love is beyond compare.
In fact, the love between them is the truest love there is.
While we can all identify with their bond...
... their stunning adventures are something to admire.
Petrovic says these pictures remind us of one very important thing...
"You are never alone when you're with a dog."
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Boy And His Rescue Dogs Remind Us How Beautiful A Dog’s Love Is

Everywhere Jelena Simic Petrovic’s son goes, he is accompanied by his 1-year-old Labrador Mina, his 12-year-old Pekingese Mickey, and his mother, who documents their journeys together.

Featured image via Jelena Simic Petrovic Photography|Facebook

H/t to Bored Panda