16 Bulldogs Being Beautiful Because It’s Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day

16 Bulldogs Being Beautiful Because It’s Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day

Tiny cutesy dogs that look like stuffed animals get a lot of love. And of course they’re adorable. But you know what else is? Foldy, flappy, wrinkly, drooly, roly-poly Bulldogs.

Well, April 21 is Bulldogs are Beautiful Day, and to celebrate, we rounded up just a few drop-dead gorgeous Bulldogs who are undeniably stunning:

1. Waiting beautifully — a true marshmallow prince.

2. Chillin’ beautifully, as Bulldogs often do.

3. Making dirty dishes beautiful like only a beautiful Bulldog can.

4. Getting ready for some beautiful camping and looking beautiful while doing it.

5. Boardin’ beautifully.

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6. Showing off a beautiful smile.

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7. Beautifully sporty.

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8. Beautifully showing this chopstick who’s the (beautiful) boss.

9. Bathing beautifully (and maybe sadly).

10. Beautifully stealing cookies.

11. Beautifully hoarding ALL. THE. TOYS. But when you’re beautiful you can do whatever you want.

12. Making a beautiful mess.

13. Making wrinkles beautiful.

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14. Beautifully breaking all the rules.

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15. Feeling prehistoric and beautiful and RAWWWRRR!!

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16. Beautifully stopping to smell the flowers and tell them they are beautiful, too.

Feautred image via @amanda.r.sant/Instagram